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Hotel Continental

Hotel Continental

It is 1932 and the world is in the grips of the Great Depression. What people want to see at the movies when they are down and out is a tale of wealth and riches, so they can dream again that one day they will have wealth again. The hotel business isn’t what it used to be, and the Hotel Continental, one of the finest hotels in New York City, is closing its doors tomorrow at noon. But today they are open for one last evening, and we are privileged to be able to watch the parade of people that are spending the final night in this grand hotel. We watch the parade of life pass by and see a little bit of why they are there, and our minds imagine what their lives must be like. But we will focus soon on one man, and all of the people that are watching him and interested in his every move.

Football Disease, Moon Base Dreams, and the Deepest Vents Ever!

Hank breaks the news to you about your brain on football, the reality behind the latest moon-base plan, and an epic win — and fail — in the animal kingdom. Follow SciShow on Twitter: www.twitter.com Like SciShow on Facebook: www.facebook.com For the citations for this video, follow this link to the Google Document: dft.ba Credits: Produced by Hank Green Chief Editor: Blake de Pastino Cinematographer: Nick Jenkins Video Editor: Matt Ferguson Graphics: Amber Bushnell Written by Blake de Pastino TAGS: hank green, news, science news, scishow, football, injury, brain, NFL, concussion, CTE, superbowl, giants, patriots, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, depression, memory loss, dementia, brain bank, accelerometer, culture medium, booster, newt gingrich, moon colony, nasa, constellation, helium, mining, mars, space exploration, data points, deep sea vent, caribbean, burmese python, florida, everglades

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27 Responses to “Hotel Continental”

  1. The video quality is awful, blurry. I know it’s not my eyes; just watched a movie online.

  2. Movies like this prove you can”t make new movies – only remakes. With all the technical improvements it is still the story that has to captivate the viewers. Drama, humor, action thrillers.and the sex of now is that they show more but is it sexier.

  3. Hhhmmmm 150 tons of moon dust for a gram of helium… Well, that must be a hell of a lot of helium, considering it’s weightless! (Joke alert, I understand the only reason helium goes up because it it is lighter than on our atmosphere, some people just like to make a funny every once in a while.)

  4. Touché.

  5. Alright, but its still confusing, and you aren’t going to convince me otherwise. However, you don’t need to convince me because I doubt anyone is ever really going to try to change it. That sort of makes our whole argument a moot point.

  6. Also, American and other types of gridiron football still involve kicking a ball. You know, field goals.

    My point is, even though the ‘foot’ part of the game isn’t as prominent as in association football, which is why people get confused by the name, American football is still evolutionarily related to the other footballs, and I think it deserves to keep the name!

  7. Actually, there are several sports known as ‘football’ all around the world, among these association football (the most popular around the world), American football, Australian rules football, Gaelic football, and Rugby football. I don’t think any one has the sole claim to such a generic title; most of these football games evolved from games played in Great Britain from about 1300 to 1800 AD.

  8. how about an episode where you explain E=mc²?

  9. Gingrich also wanted to make the moon a state.

  10. pyromegalomaniac Reply March 7, 2013 at 2:26 am

    pythons aka mammalbane

  11. That is a non sequitur. I was saying the name should be changed because another sport already exists that has the same name, not because footballs are 11 inches long.

  12. by that logic basketball shouldnt be called basketball anymore because they dont use baskets anymore. its a name, who cares if it gets lost with the times.

  13. I’m talking about all kinds of football

  14. I have no idea which football you are talking about.

  15. You don’t have to specify. You just have to be not retarted enough to know where in the world you are at the time.

  16. The entire English speaking world besides the UK has their own versions of football and calls association football “soccer.” It was never called football because you kick it, it’s called football because you play it on your feet as opposed to on a horse. You don’t hear this snobby suggestion of renaming it “handegg” for rugby football, do you?

  17. It was never called football because you kick it. It’s called football because it’s played on your feet as opposed to on a horse.

  18. my great grands move from SC to Baker Co Florida, and yes i’m proud to be a green.


  20. i’ve always disliked football…it doesn’t make sense, not the rules, and not the devolveintogorillatowinbybashinghead part either

  21. @scifan123 yes, you can get money with that, but I recommend adfly. It gives waaay more money. Here’s link: j.gs1u7i It’s free, so why not give it a try?

  22. I didn’t say they should, I only said we should pick a unique name so we don’t have to specify which football we are talking about all the time.

  23. Its not like Europe plays American football so why should their citizens get to name it?

  24. True, that is probably a better name to pick.

  25. or we could call american football Grid Iron, an already existing nick name, and one that doesn’t sound offensive.

  26. i like your mug

  27. 😀 i hate football!

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