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Journal TV – Almanac Newsreels – Year in Review: 1937

This was the 1930’s: The Great Depression was bearing down on all; the Hindenburg air ship burned; Charles Lindberghs’s baby was kindapped and later found dead.
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Dhoti suddenly arrives and cuts Ananya’s hand but this apparently does not go down too well with Ananya’s Father and he fumes in anger later, Sachin informs Ananya’s Father that this was the magic that Dhoti was suppose to present in front of him and Ananya’s Father praises Dhoti for performing the act so well and also agrees for their marriage. Dhanvantrilal reveals Sachin that Mr. Sarkar has gone into deep depression and the only person who can take him out of depression is Guruji. Will Raju succeed in solving Mr. Sarkar’s problem? “The show talks about the funny and weird family of Dhanwantrilal Dhyanchand Dholakia, comprising of his sister Pari, two brothers, Dhawal-Dharmesh and his niece, Dhwani whose been brought up by 3D as her parents died when she was a kid. 3D sees everyone around him in terms of the gunn that they have. 3D is very fond of his sister and has made a rule that no one in the family will get married till the time Pari does not get married. 3D is also against love marriages. With all these rules floating in the family everyone in the house is coping with their bachelorhood waiting the day when Pari would get married and they would get a chance to marry the one they love. However, the lives of these bachelors take a turn when Dhwani falls in love with her college friend Sachin. Dhwani refuses to marry Sachin because of her family rules but Sachin is not ready to let go of his love so easily. He decides to enter the family and win over 3D’s heart by

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4 Responses to “Journal TV – Almanac Newsreels – Year in Review: 1937”

  1. The giant bomber was the B-15; only one was built. Boeing used the same wing and engines on the B-314 clippers which finally began Transatlatlantic airline flights in 1939.

  2. byhbhb g hb c nbhvbgb fb bfhf hfjnhv  c hlolo; 8555654 bad

  3. pravachan was nice………..
    i was only waiting for pravachan by guru ji (Raju)

  4. This shit sucks big time!!!!
    Sajan re jhoot mat bolo was a hit!!! I wouldn’t miss a single episode… but no one gives a fuck about this shit…!!!!!!
    Just give us back the original serial..

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