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Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya – 3rd November 2011

Komal chases away the maid when she asks for Naina’s clothes and adds to the family’s depression. Pratigya is appalled to see Kesar subjected to cruelty in the name of possession and cure. Komal talks to Shyam and Dadi about a change of atmosphere for Arushi. Shyam asks Tanmay to take Arushi out to end her depression. The doctor tells Sajjan that Kesar has been mentally affected by a traumatic incident and that she is capable of harming others in this state. He advises Sajjan to admit Kesar in a mental hospital for treatment.

Kavita, who lives in Calcutta, gets the shocking message that her mother Gomathy, an honest and upright IAS officer, has died in a freak accident. Upon coming home for her mother’s funeral, she finds her sister Divya in deep depression. Kavita and her fiance Shyam try to help Divya fight the depression and come out of it. However, they end up being embroiled in the search for the person responsible for Gomathy’s death. Was it really a freak accident as they were told? Will the sisters succeed in finding out the truth?
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Category: Anxiety Help

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