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Oru Kaidhiyin Sila Kilai Kathaigal – Episode 6

Kavita, who lives in Calcutta, gets the shocking message that her mother Gomathy, an honest and upright IAS officer, has died in a freak accident. Upon coming home for her mother�s funeral, she finds her sister Divya in deep depression. Kavita and her fiance Shyam try to help Divya fight the depression and come out of it. However, they end up being embroiled in the search for the person responsible for Gomathy�s death. Was it really a freak accident as they were told? Will the sisters succeed in finding out the truth?
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Bodhu Kon Alo Laaglo Chokhe - 22nd March 2012

Alo is anxious about Anshuman and Surekha’s personal conversation. Anshuman regrets on marrying Alo. He calls up Sukhen and his mother to inform them that they need to think about Alo’s remarriage with someone else. Alo’s parents are depressed with Anshuman’s decision. Anshuman asks Alo to leave his life.
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