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Oru Kaidhiyin Sila Kilai Kathaigal – Episode 8

Oru Kaidhiyin Sila Kilai Kathaigal - Episode 8

Kavita, who lives in Calcutta, gets the shocking message that her mother Gomathy, an honest and upright IAS officer, has died in a freak accident. Upon coming home for her mother�s funeral, she finds her sister Divya in deep depression. Kavita and her fiance Shyam try to help Divya fight the depression and come out of it. However, they end up being embroiled in the search for the person responsible for Gomathy�s death. Was it really a freak accident as they were told? Will the sisters succeed in finding out the truth?

Uma does not approve of Sindoora’s idea but Sindoora tells her that they can at least request Tushar to help Vidya come out of her depression because Vidya needs a friend. Meanwhile, Lallan phones Kartik to inform him that Mahua was upset to see him leave the restaurant the other day, and promises to get Mahua and him together. Kartik thanks him. Harsh arrives just then and asks Lallan what he is up to but Lallan remains evasive. Harsh promises to get rid of Lallan. Meanwhile, Vidya informs Bharat that the doctor has asked her not to ever meet Sagar, so Bharat offers to write a letter to Sagar on her behalf. Vidya speaks out her feelings and Bharat pens it for her. On the other hand, Aniket asks Tushar to help Vidya get out of her depression, so he offers to do his best. Sindoora asks him to take Vidya out somewhere. Meanwhile, Cheenu takes Hema and Shalu to a small, unkempt room. The women are shocked to see it. Cheenu asks them to fetch water from outside and clean the house while he goes out to search for work. Chandra and Mahua start treating Vidya like a slave. Chandra asks Vidya for the locker key, so she refuses and requests Chandra to wait till Sindoora returns. A furious Chandra snatches the key and insults her about her background. She asks Vidya why she is still around when Sagar isn’t!

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