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Cenk’s 5 Point Financial Recovery Plan

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25 Responses to “Cenk’s 5 Point Financial Recovery Plan”

  1. Cenk, for a man who knows doesn’t have the best grasp n the fundamentals of the economics, you nailed it with these 5 points. You could do more but your first three would restore investor confidence which is hard to overestimate how key this is to a market.

    Think about that TYT Business!

  2. government takes care government and companies, the rest of us just have to live with the leftovers

  3. so how does a farmer or a corporation hedge the price or credit risk without the risk being transferred elsewhare?

  4. Cenk for president 2012

  5. Hamilton’s 3 point plan again?

  6. you believe in the system? you believe there is a structure? pull your head out of your ass! they make the rules as they go along to suit their needs! asshole!

  7. “FOUNDING FATHERS – Mark Twain!!!!”
    Really? Mark Twain who was born in 1835 which was 59 years after the declaration of independence was signed is a founding father?

    Irony FTW

    *Looks at your profile*
    Oh you’re a Fox fan. That explains it.

    Really man quit watching Fox and go get an education

  8. the FED is a private corporation.. it is not in anyway part of the government ..it is owned by private banks ..the government does appoint he chairman and the governors but they are appointed by the corporate insiders that work in the government ..the good ole revolving door

  9. IFloridaMotocrossI Reply March 7, 2013 at 1:46 am

    Yes, plus Socialism has a lot of leeway along the spectrum. The two extremes, Capitalism and Communism, don’t have any room for revision, which is why they are both outdated and failed systems.

    Personally, I am a Keynesian, which is a little more toward the Capitalist side of the spectrum than Socialism.

  10. true.. socialism is an economic system in which the MAJOR industry / resources are controlled by the government such as oil electric power generation water etc.. it does not control all aspects of an economy..a marxist system more commonly called a communist system would control all industrial production and resources.. private ownership is not allowed even the home u live in would be owned by the government..a democratic socialist government has all the rights of ownership

  11. 50% is ok but 51%+ would be better..

  12. you, SIR, have obviously never read the works of one of the FOUNDING FATHERS – Mark Twain!!!! He says this and I think you should really think about it and start doing it!!! MORAN!!!

    “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

    – Mark Twain

  13. its not, there is no economic system known as marxism. socialism is an economic system derived from Marxist philosophy.

  14. IFloridaMotocrossI Reply March 7, 2013 at 3:40 am

    Yeah, pretty much.

    Socialism is a complete command economy with all resources being allocated by the government.

    True Marxism has no government, but has all individuals labor, produce goods and services, put them in a pot, and then everyone takes a share of which they need. It’s closer to anarchism then Socialism.

    That’s a particular contrast that my economics professor pointed out, which I’m not entirely sure is even correct.

    From her perspective anyway, they are very different.

  15. totally different?

  16. what!? i know this, i am both.

  17. IFloridaMotocrossI Reply March 7, 2013 at 5:55 am

    Socialism and Marxism are totally different.

  18. boom boom pow soon usa will fall into economic despair and belarus will be the most stable economy in europe, now thats fucked up people!

  19. What 😀 You my friend have not listened to Friedman very well then.

  20. point number one sucked. cenk go listen to milton friedman, more regulations do not make a better market place

  21. Right on.

  22. 1000 apologies, I mistook you for a libertarian. The statement “there have never been free markets” line threw me. Usually that is the libertarian justification for why their political theory never worked. Sorry.

  23. simply-no

  24. IN RESPONSE TO YOU CLEVER PEJORITIVE COMMENT: I think you know its not. Don’t embarrass yourself, you have been reasonably dignified up until now don’t get petty.

  25. lets stop this abuse now, i admit i probably started it but: Young and cocksure? What the fuck is that? the one that offended me the most was SLOW! this is a joke! i am sorry i accused you of being an arrogant blow hard, this was merely a vain attempt to get you to respond directly to what i had asked you. If you are not going to respond then im off to bed. its half 3 in the morning here and i have college in about 5 hours

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