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Clinical depression: Lawrence’s story

Lawrence has depression. He explains how easy it was to ignore the symptoms, despite being a psychiatric nurse, and the problem this caused in his working life

Percy Paul began his journey in a remote Dene community in northern Saskatchewan, a place where far too often alcohol and violence were close at hand. Despite these circumstances, he excelled in school and sports, eventually proving himself a world class distance runner and gold medallist. Within a few short years, Percy found himself at Princeton, working alongside one of the world’s leading authorities on string theory, black holes and quantum field theory. But all this changed when he turned 28. Percy became an alcoholic in an effort to cope with his extreme mood swings. After a failed suicide attempt, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. This documentary chronicles Percy’s dazzling rise and fall as a brilliant mathematician, to his continuing struggle to prevail over his illness and realize his full potential. The doctors wrote Schizoaffective Disorder as the diagnosis. It’s in human nature to resist a lifelong sentence of medications. Also, people have a tendency to think that once their symptoms go away, the illness is not going to come back. That keeps many people in this terribly destructive orbit. They can’t move out of that orbit to see that they’re eventually going to get burned up by the sun. (Dr. Kay Jamison, Professor of Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins University.) All money from advertisement here will be donated to www.saskatoonfoodbank.org comment and emails: percylpaul@gmail.com my blog stuff is at mindandmoonshine.com

26 Responses to “Clinical depression: Lawrence’s story”

  1. My mom has clinical depression

  2. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The problem is that most people think of bipolar as either mania or depression; when in actuality there are many shades of grey. Sometimes I have high energy but low mood and vice versa. I read a great article on this subject and the wave curves that were shown cycling through three categories of mood, intellect, and energy. Most of my manic stages were grandiose, but there were some that were dysphoric. It really sucks when you can’t stop the ride and get off….like a bad LSD trip. Just MHO

  4. psychoticcomponents Reply March 6, 2013 at 11:10 pm

    I think most bipolar people experience Dysphoric mania at one point or another… some of us, more often than not.

  5. There is an old saying that goes as such: “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me.”
    I used to think like you do

  6. Record him or video him and show it to him when he calms down a bit. Best cure ever. I make videos of myself when i am manic, it’s quite entertaining but somewhat scary to watch yourself act out.

  7. Dysphoric mania perhaps?

  8. Mania is not cool when you also have OCD, unless you want to stay home and clean/organize your entire house! Bad thing is, mania also makes me want to throw EVERYTHING away, large sweeping changes. My girlfriend gets way bent out of shape when I am manic. Antipsychotics make me eat like mad, and stabilizers make me constipated, so – crazy weight gain. Insanity is clarity.

  9. flip a coin.

  10. prettylittlelife7 Reply March 7, 2013 at 2:31 am

    is this documentary about bipolar disorder or just Percy?

  11. TheTwilightEmpire Reply March 7, 2013 at 2:35 am

    It sadness me to see the comments on this video claiming psychiatry to be scam and even denying the existance of bipolar disorder. You are free to have your own opinions on these things, but do not EVER tell a bipolar person to get of their meds. You don’t have that right, depression kills. Think about this, if you don’t want someone’s death on your conscience, stop saying these things, please.

  12. bipolarorwakingupLIE Reply March 7, 2013 at 2:39 am

    bipolarorwakingup scam exposed please check out my channel to see BipolarGodAuthor’s new video on how bipolarorwakingup is a scam that is exploiting people with Bipolar Disorder to promote his views on spirituality and make money off of it, thank you. Please do this for Bipolar Awareness, you are not alone and I offer only the truth.

  13. ..get back to me when your able to babe. Have a good rest. The world clock puts us behind or ahead a few hours or so. Your probably slepn. Its 10;45am in New Zealand at the moment. I’ll keep in touch whenever you need someone to listen. I’ll be your FRIEND! LOVE PEACE & HARMONY girl!

  14. 2.I dont know how it works in U.S.A. I didnt go fru the psyciatrist to get her off the injection and also lower her meds.I was able to convince her support unit{nurses}when she was well enough to com home.It didnt hapen overnight.But we got there in the end.I wish U were nearby.I’d come and support you.Becos of my experience.I now want to be affiliated.So im going to try becom a nurse support member in mental health.Might not happen.Cos I also wanna petition under the misuse of drugs act lol!

  15. ..hey baby how are you? I feel for you 100%. Are you with friends or family or most likely living alone? IHow old are you and how long have you been on medication? You can e-mail me to keep that private .And i’ll reply bk fru your e-mail too.I’m a strong character and imposing figure.Im a Maori ex gang member.Snapped owta that. Maori people are deeply spiritual by nature.And warriors. Wot they call biopolar is a spiritual attack. We’re also tight nit family orientated.Goes bk fru our ancestry

  16. I want some help. I’m on medication. I’ve put on so much weight and its ruined my creativity. I still have full blown mania and depressive episodes so medication seems pointless. Could you message me?

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    Again Thanks.

  18. Good video on bipolar. They said i had that for awhile, then, i got diagnosed schizophrenia. But, i know how hard having mental illness is.

  19. I thought I was a genius, then I had a manic episode :/.. just bipolar hah

  20. ..my missus said illegal drugs are much more safer than their shit..She says fuck they’ve just been given a licence to destroy lives. And they’re getn paid for it!

  21. Ha Ha Ha.You have no idea what your talking about. please save your words for something you may know. In this case, SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!!! Think we want this? I didn’t even know what this was for most of my life. Try telling a cancer patient its all in their head, See how that turns out.

  22. psychoticcomponents Reply March 7, 2013 at 8:57 am

    The meds STEAL your life. Don’t do it. I’ve been on them for years. To get off them after so long is near impossible. You’ll end up taking other meds to offset the side affects of getting off the psychotic meds… it’s a never ending cycle of meds.. also, Alcohol and other drugs, like pain meds and benzo’s are sought after to get away from the unwanted thoughts and hatred of life and the idea that prescribed meds don’t work. It will never end… You can’t stop it.

  23. I’d hate my life, too, if I were as ignorant and close-minded as you. My condolences, bud…

  24. ..my heart goes out to you my brother!..My girlfriend was diagnosed biopolar 3 half years ago.Its been a rough road.But i’ve supported her 100%.She’s 24yrs old now.She went from 54kgs drop dead gopgeous full of life to 100kgs dribbling zombie.She lashed out in the earlier stages.And psyciatrists over medicated her to control her.It did not cure her.I have become an expert becos of this.She is coming right now.I got her off the injection.And flushed the crap down the loo.Its my opinion bro.LOVE!

  25. ..support him..but whateva you do dont let him get medicated.Tthe treatment for biopolar and end consequences are far worse than the psuedo biopolar diagnosis.No one has eva been cured by the medications 100% proof.The medications actually create a far worse problem than the actual so called hypomania.Love and patience and friends and family support are the only medication required. The medication is just a sticking plaster. Not a cure. It turns them into overweight zombies for money making scam

  26. 100% bro! ..its psuedo diagnosis

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