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Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict Resolution Training

Please visit us at: www.compliancetraininggroup.com Welcome to Conflict Resolution training! This is presented by Compliance Training Group, a division of Diversified Risk Management, Incorporated, a licensed Private Investigation firm which provides a wide variety of specialized services for employers including intermediate and advanced employee and management training on a variety of subjects applicable to the workplace. This course is a practical guide for employers, but we are not attorneys, and, although it is considered very valuable training, we must remind the user it is neither “legal opinion,” nor should it be used as a substitute for legal advice from your attorney. It is our strong recommendation all employers retain the services of competent labor and employment counsel. During this course, you will learn the following How to understand conflict and related terminology, Identify various factors that may contribute to conflict, Recognize and understand reactions to conflict, in order to better manage attitudes, Discover the five most commonly used conflict management styles, Apply appropriate conflict resolution strategies, Learn how to use effective anger management techniques, Improve communication skills and techniques, and Develop of your firm’s own conflict resolution system. There has never been a successful company in which all associates agreed on how the company should proceed at every juncture. Disagreement, and even conflict, will arise wherever one
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