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Debate: Clean Energy Can Drive America’s Economic Recovery

March 8, 2011 To drag our economy out of the biggest crisis since the Great Depression, America needs another moon shot. Can the investment of billions into the clean energy sector trigger the creation of millions of jobs and innovation? Or would we simply be pumping dollars into the myth of a green economy?
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9 Responses to “Debate: Clean Energy Can Drive America’s Economic Recovery”

  1. The fact that is this “debatable” is childish in itself.

  2. Good debate, disappointed with the sway of opinions though, looks like money has driven people’s greed away from the care of future generations to come.

  3. Was this a DEBATE? They talk and talk that we need to get off of oil. Solar panels where taken off the white house after the Carter administration. They were not reinstalled until 2010. Our govt has the free energy technology after they classified Tesla and Reich’s research and refuse to release it. Both of these prodigies had fantastic information on free energy.

  4. Have you heard of the water vapor car? Look that up online it’s a car that got 100mpg. Guess what the mechanic that created the design was killed by mysterious means and evidence looks like the usa govt killed him. So our govt had several chances to make the world better but greed prevailed and we will be taxed and billed for everything unless there is a sudden change of heart of the people that control the masses.

  5. From my perspective the team on the left lost horribly….on all the subjects that they discussed not just the debate topic…..which is sad because we all want a better world….but one side doesnt live in reality

  6. Hydroelectric didn’t apparently do anything…

  7. TheCapricornStrand Reply March 7, 2013 at 12:16 am

    Clean Energy ….. it means extracting gas from the ground and using this an energy source. What about polluting the ground in the process. Wake up America. You poison the ground and eco biosphere systems to lower greenhouse gas emmissions. Dont be sucked into this clean energy rhetoric.

  8. This is just too hard to watch. The pros are extremely disorganized and not very compelling.

  9. Im going to watch this tomorrow but im going to participate like the audiance so heres my opinion today
    That green energy will not be a driving force, or rather government manipulaution of the market to try and make it a driving force will hurt the economy. Heres why.
    If a job is not self sustaining and able to create profit and exists only thru the expropriation of taxes then its a drag on the economy. Green energy uses a lot of precious metals that are fast disappearing too. An electric car ba

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