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Easycalm Anxiety Treatment — Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, Social Anxiety, Adhd. Including Anxiety Symptoms

http://xxsurl.com/6vvxu2 Easycalm Anxiety Treatment — Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, Social Anxiety, Adhd. Including Anxiety Symptoms EasyCalm Anxiety …
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Depression & Bipolar Myths Part 4, Psychology with Dr. John Breeding & Anna Miller Dr. John Breeding, Ph.D. Psychologists talks with Anna Miller, the founder…

26 Responses to “Easycalm Anxiety Treatment — Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, Social Anxiety, Adhd. Including Anxiety Symptoms”

  1. Hello there! Thank you for this helpful video. By the way, I notice lots of people keep on talking about Xocialign System (just google it), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried program called Xocialign System? I’ve heard several awesome things about it and my cooworker completely stop his social anxiety naturally with this program.

  2. Aside from the simple fact that we posses the self control to stop our negative thought patterns, psychology has its roots in 100% solid evil. To treat “hysteria”, a made up disease with a “symptom” of not wanting to have sex, a disease which does not “exist” anymore, doctor’s actually invented the dildo and caused forced over stimulation orgasms in married women. Psychology is not science. It has been responsible for thousands of deaths through experimental lobotomy. Please Research.

  3. What can I say, the world is full of pricks! As Schopenhauer said, four fifths is worthy only of contempt. I regularly deal with arseholes, narcissists hurling scurrilities from the safety of the cars as you walk past, and people who don’t return courtesies (that drives me fuckin mad). I know what you mean about people who scowl. Sometimes the physiognomies of some people seem purely designed to cause offence with their rapacity and arrogance. Such people are contemptible vermin.

  4. Genuine safe asylum is essential. Few people have access to that. Most people are stuck in a bad place which just makes it snowball.

  5. Anna Maria Gonzalez Reply March 14, 2013 at 3:57 pm

    You haven´t spoken about the environment factor which you guys said you would speak about it in the previous video. Hopefully you will in the next ones.

  6. @InvisibleRefugee2 thanx 4 ur support and i appreciate your point of view of trying 2 make a better change. However, if u have not been suffering from major depression for over 3 years then its difficult to understand that u have no choice but to follow a doctors perspective on the topic as he deals with these cirsumstances daily. Trust me it was my last resort and nothing else worked.

  7. Ughhh, Anna Miller is so annoying and self involved. Seriously, shut. up. She makes these videos irritating. Her voice is so whiny. She acts as though everyone cares about her life and her experience, they don’t, people want answers on how to sort out their own situation and how certain experiences will pertain to them, not her f**king life story.

  8. I don’t know why people have such a postive view of weed, I’ve met people who’s paranoia and emotional instabliity have increased due to smoking daily weed.

  9. I don’t know why people have such a postive view of weed, I’ve met people who’s paranoia and emotional instabliity due to smoking daily weed.

  10. i was diagnosed with major depression and am thinking about going with the healthy living 2 make a change. I was wondering if u still suffer from depression every now and then with the healthy life style?

  11. All I know is that the system were using now is SICK & EVIL! other than that it is 100% true that once you go through a real breakdown you are no longer the person before. People have suggested to me, stopping taking the meds. Ya but what if your wrong? I or anybody else that would take that advise would be in danger of reliving the past & risk losing everything 1 has worked to gain back. Hmm… you can see why I’m not convinced.

  12. Anna Miller do know nothing about psychiatry just a patient talking what she feels. Dr. John Breeding use YouTube for raise value to his work so he can charge more /h.
    Well I can do “mhm” therapy. (listen to some one and help sort out patients own thoughts)

  13. People who abuse alcohol are more angry than those who not. You smoke weeds you will be more happy, les anxious. Pharmacy drugs produced to gain profit, change your behavior too.

  14. …are you guys going to do a Part 5? It looks like Anna jumped ship and started a new series about Bipolar Solutions instead? Is this thread dead after part 4?

  15. dietary means are incredibly helpful.but you really just need to have adequate amount of money for food—My regular SSI funds have never been enough to maintain a months worth of fruits and vegetables-not to mention vitamins or supplements–some people say “grow your own food” but 1.you have to know how to grow food,have space to grow food,have the tools, time–and finally say you do successfully grow some food–ok-well you have some food come harvest time-what about the rest of the year?

  16. One thing about the idea of recovery that I disagree with is how people equate recovery with-having a job,being married or having a relationship,living on your own-I don’t have any of those things-I’m happy not to have a job-I’m still mulling over the trip to the library today-I have a voice in my head saying “We’re not through with you yet” & Im thinking “Im a good person-why am I having these scary thoughts? I don’t see why people cant stay home & still be seen as productive members of society

  17. The Doctor’s solution is shut you down –I think expression and outward discharge is the best idea for the patient—punching a punching bag,yoga,calisthenic,rhythmic exercise,aerobic, plyometrics,breathing exercises–

  18. I understand what Anna Miller is talking about when she talks about people observing her every emotion, so you have to become hyper-vigilant about hiding how you feel-because people can stand above you and say tisk tisk you-“looks like your mental illness is manifesting again” & that makes you feel very vulnerable,meanwhile I’ll see those same persons exhibit those same emotions, but nobody is standing over them tisk tisking–

  19. Just going about today I have a couple of people growl at me–show deliberate -not accidental or awkward, but intentional & deliberate communications of -something negative-rude-antagonistic–it goes up & down–for a while people chill out & then people start getting antagonistic-mean-then for a while it cools off–like in cycles-sometimes I wonder if it is just the weather of the particular say–probably a mix of the weather,sociological reasons–& just how the person is feeling at that moment

  20. My difficulties are more than just nutritional–they have to do with my characteristics and the way society is at this point—but nutrition and stable safe environment, and self expression, exercise, and low stress help keep me at a place that is okay–but my equilibrium can get knocked off wack easily if I take on too much stress–life is stressful just going to wal-mart, or to the library, driving, communicating with people–seriously, for me social aspects are very difficult-it is complex-

  21. It helps me to be open and direct and honest—to be hidden, secretive and stealthy–is more than problematic–I like to state how I feel and what I believe so that people know ahead of time that they can expect to hear “no” or I don’t want to do that—or I “I don’t feel it is truthful to be that way now” –because –I feel many people can be very dishonest, and persuasive consciously or un- and their gravity is too hard for me to resist unless I’m straight forward all the time in practice-

  22. This woman really irritates me, she loves talking about herself.

  23. I have to agree exercising and eating right can help a lot !

  24. better volume next time please

  25. Good points this is probably how people in other countries have higher recovery rates for mental illnesses

  26. plants are great. Especially that nightshade. Mmmmm.  Just being facetious..

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