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Economic Collapse | Depression 2012 | Get self employed

Economic Collapse | Depression 2012 | Get self employed

With the current trends we need to focus on building our own businesses, on the Internet, so we can move were we want. Get rid of your debt, even if it means ruining your credit rating. Purge your CC debt, sell, short sell or foreclose your house. Build an income and put as much as you can into Silver and Gold. Get out of the cities. Become the employer, not the employed. Join the Veretekk social network and become empowered with that powerful service. Many have. veretekk.com

23 Responses to “Economic Collapse | Depression 2012 | Get self employed”

  1. I get goosebumps when Ron Paul speaks..

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  3. This is what the banks in the US have done to the people of the US. The banks investment schemes such as derivatives which have no value at all created huge vaccuums that the US Govt bailed-out $700bil.+.another $trillion payout – the biggest heist of all-time! However I am not condoning non-payment of mortgages but I want you to be aware of what the banks are doing.

  4. Most of you have no clue about what is happening.

    It doesn’t take one damn dime to create what we need it takes people and resources thats it.

    The dollar is the very vehicle that allows others to feed off the people that create things of value.

  5. Initially, I though Obama was acting in good faith and was just incompetent but I now think he is purposely ruining this country.

  6. I just watched Obama 2016. Scary. I didn’t realize he hates the US and England so much. I hope this country can weather the rest of his destruction.

  7. As a young conservative i believe this is happening. I stand here at 19 years of age listening in and watching businesses fall. I apply to find work to make money to pay for school because my family is “Middle-Class”. No jobs are available, the dollar is basically worthless, and the prices of living have raised.

  8. Free market enterprise lost last week. Nobody listened when they went to the polls. People, there is really NO such thing as free money. One can collect a welfare check, get food stamps, etc., but that entitlement comes at a price.

    I leave off with saying you this: Choices have consequences. That’s where we are now. We’re past the choice stage, now we’re in the consequence stage.

  9. Same here. Family won’t listen…makes me wanna scream.

  10. no one with money in my family will listen to me. It’ll be their loss though.

  11. You recommend people intentionally stop paying their mortgage so the house if foreclosed on so they can buy gold? Isn’t it immoral and unethical to tell people to steal from the bank that loaned them money for a mortgage? It’s one thing if someone loses their job and can’t pay the bank. It’s another to decide the “house isn’t worth what I owe so I’ll just f*** over the bank and stop paying them what I OWE them.” Oh, by the way, you screw all the rest of us who actually pay our debts.

  12. You have to plough a field to grow a crop . Looks like the Khazionist Empire is just about to plough the Earth , in an attempt to grow The New World Order .
    When they attack Iran , and rest assured , they will , the ‘ earth worms ‘ will begin to take a hammering.

  13. “Orodo Ab Chao” “Order out of Chaos” 2012 planned economic collapse is part of ushering in the New World Order “an order where the rule of the law…not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations. When we are successful and we will be…we have a real chance at this new world order” George H. W. Bush

  14. I work for a motor business company that offers $80 per referral. They also offer roadside assistance and numerous life insurance benefits. All you need is a computer and we will provide the training for you to get started. If you are interested my email is josephjr90mcaassociate@gmail.com

  15. One basic rule of thumb:
    Anything you hear on the MSM news or out of Washington..just believe the opposite.
    You can’t believe one word that any of them say.
    Any fool who uses the word ‘recovery’ throw a straightjacket at him.
    Any idiot who believes that unermployment is at 7.8%..throw Ritalin at him.
    Any politician who says they have an easy recovery plan….is either a fool or a liar….or both.
    I want to see a parade of handcuffed investment bankers marching down Wall Street.

  16. Just ‘lumped sum’d’ out of my pension.. buying silver with it…funding a ‘future’s trade acct…commodities are trending upward as the drought and dollar both get worse…

    Best of luck!

  17. In many parts of the country…you are absolutely right.
    I’ll be taking tactical training in S.C. in the early srping..
    good luck!

  18. QE3 fed they will buy 40 billion each mo sep 13 2012

  19. and this is why my milita and i train on a daily bases. and have 12 bug out under ground locations in 12 different county’s, not to mention in there 3 years worth of food. everyone no matter what stick together and prosper do not turn on the fellow american.

  20. cool video

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  22. Getting better!!! LMFAO!! Not much of a numbers cruncher are ya!!??

  23. That sort of takes the idea of listening to what they say away, wouldn’t you think?

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