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It’s Jobless because it isn’t a recovery!

It's Jobless because it isn't a recovery!

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25 Responses to “It’s Jobless because it isn’t a recovery!”

  1. Only the People of America can create a recovery. Buy American and pay off your credit debt.

  2. well the whole debate of foreign made goods and us made goods is us made goods cost more and are below specs while foreign made goods are cheaper and relatively similar specs if not better than us made goods. O_o

  3. even if chinas currency appreciated to equality with american money, we would just end up paying more for their now very expensive products. We could not produce domestically because our manufacturing sector is gutted and the factories dont exist or are falling apart. it would take 5-10 years to invest in building new manufacturing infastructure be we cant even do that because we dont have the capital to do it.

  4. timefordifference Reply March 6, 2013 at 11:22 pm

    Let’s ship some more jobs overseas!
    Let’s bring the national debt to 18 trillion!
    Let’s be part of the problem and not part of the solution and We will get what we deserve! A very grim future! Keep your eyes closed, keep your mouth shut, act like everything is fine, continue to ignore what is happening in our country and you will get the surprise of your life in the end! Stop, take a good look in the mirror and dont be part of the problem, be part of the solution.

  5. I would say he owns large amounts of gold. HIs interest is to drive gold prices up. His support of attacking Iran is because he is a globalist, and Iran must be brought into the global fold, just like iraq.

  6. Schiffty Pete is a Republican. What else would you expect? Schiffty combines the economic policies of Herbert Hoover with the foreign policy of Dick Cheney.

    I wonder if Schiffty’s call to attack Iran is connected to his prediction that the price of gold will rise to $5,000 per ounce?

  7. I care, and thats the difference, you will work folks for .15/hr send them home to live in dirt floor huts, under the most adverse conditions, all for the sole purpose of making a extra buck.
    Only greed would call that a blessing. If thats your concept of a blessing I hope you recieve unaltered blessings.

    So you beleive if domestic living standards are malnurished, ignorant people, that justifies working them, producing products for export, and sending them home in the same conition.

  8. WHO CARES how long it takes to buy a pair of Nikes?? Manufacturers pay a LIVING WAGE to the employees. The employees are blessed to have the opportunity to work for a living. Their wages are perfectly in line with domestic living standards. They are NOT underpaid.

  9. Thats not true they are the peasant class, and they are 1.2 million strong in China. They are peasant farmers. They cannot afford to buy the products they manufacture for export. For example a peasant working in a shoe factory in Bangladash would have to work a month to buy a pair of Nike Shoes. Low cost manufacturing is nothing more than greater profits for multinational corperations. Some folks don’t care how they make money others do not.

  10. Employees do the work because in their country “20c per hour” IS A LIVING WAGE. Low-cost manufacturing is a blessing to the employee and the employer.

  11. Corporations can make more profits when they manufacture at .20/hr in the third world and export the product to a economy that pays living wages. Of course they destroy the economy of the market they want to export to.
    That is why a tariff is needed to offset that cost, also a foreign investment tax is needed to reel folks like Peter in. The label anti globalist is comical, that is just the opposite of Mr. Schiffs real identity.

  12. Corporations can make shareholders more profits when they are not BURDENED with excessive US regulations and the 2nd highest corporate tax rate in the industrial world. Peter is an ANTI-globalist FREEDOM fighter. His message resonates with everyone who understands economics properly.

  13. Please herbs I am not buying any bridges today. You mean foreign inveatments are tax free and in currency other than dollars.

    Peter is a global socialist, they do not mind wealth redistribution as long as it is the industrialized worlds middleclass being distributed to the third world.
    His message only resinates with greedy people.

  14. Every “good” investment in the US is tainted by the federal government’s wanton destruction of the US dollar. Because of excessive government spending and excessive tax burdens, any and all profits made in US investments are confiscated by the parasitic government.

    Globalism is all about weakening the US, bringing it down to the level of other nations. An important part of fighting globalism is American capital protesting the anti-capitalism in America. That is why Peter is an ANTI-globalist.

  15. Some Americans invest in foreign markets because they have been brainwashed into believing there are no good investments in the U.S. That leaves American Assets available for foreign investment, and they are buying. That is what globalism is all about, and it is being helped along by that kind of minipulation. Another group of americans are just plain so greedy they dont care about the country that has been so good to them. They are led around by someone like Peter who is a dedicated globalist.

  16. Flux, there are many prodicts that are not made in the U.S. I went to buy a new freezer and I could not find one made in the U.S. I went to five major retailers and all were make in China, Mexico, or assembled in Mexico, with Chinese Parts. I would have gladly paid more but I just simply could not find one made in the U.S. Those Compect Florescent Light Bulbs we are expected to use are all made in China, they are extremely toxic to the enviroment, if broken, yet they all are made in China.

  17. Democrats’ government healthcare and cap-and-tax schemes will kill American jobs. The way to enable a recover is for the Democrats to renounce government healthcare, renounce carbon cap-and-tax schemes, and pass tax cuts.

  18. Americans should be investing in foreign markets because the American government is persecuting productive American companies with excessive regulation, excessive tax burdens, and a dollar weakened by excessive government spending.

  19. herbs814, Are you talking about third world countries. Who in the industrislized world can we not compete with.

  20. It isn’t a recovery because Mr. Scheff and othres are encouraging Americans to invest in foreign markets. Sounds line the tail is wagging the dog.

  21. We need to make and buy things that are made in the US. Have some pride in things that are made in our country. I know some people will have 10 reasons why they buy foreign but keep in mind that we need jobs. You may not be out of a job now but if we keep on the road we are on, you or someone you love or know will be jobless.

  22. China protects her markets, Japan protects her markets, India protects her markets, China protects her markets. They all did from 5% to 10% gdp last year. Japan had a really high tariff on american cars untill here recently. After they had destroyed the American market. Your theory just isn’t correct because it is a theory. Theoretical Capitalism is a theory only it has never been implentented anywhere in the world.

  23. Governments that use protectionism to insulate their markets sabotage their own citizens — consumers and producers — and grow parasitic bureaucracies. Protectionism is what makes markets uncompetitive and anti-competitive. Protectionism (and inflation) is what causes costs of living to rise and makes the labor markets uncompetitive.

    But some people can only consider upping the dosage on bureaucratic protectionism, rather than freeing our economy from the bureaucratic swamp.

  24. The problem is we don’t protect our markets, while every other country does. If you make it in China sell it in China, it as simple as that.

  25. the problem is not that international trade is too free. the problem is that commerce within the United States is too heavily regulated and taxed. it is because commerce within the States is (and has been for many decades) too burdened by government interference that American business is not competitive with other economies that have not been so heavily inflated by profligate government spending and central bank inflation.

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