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Jobless recovery and the WTO

Topic goes into this so called jobless recovery and the WTO and why it’s bad. Thanx www.youtube.com www.economyincrisis.org for the well spoken narration please sub that channel. When researching the minimum wages for China,Pakistan,India countries I found many different figures for these countries so I averaged it based on multiple different sources.
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This is my story
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48 Responses to “Jobless recovery and the WTO”

  1. Gear up!! Because here we go……………

  2. WOW Good info…

  3. excellent video , I didnt know about the WTO being able to fine countries on protecting their economy. I didnt vote for the WTO. Did any of you?

  4. What lost jobs no such thing the jobs are shipped overseas
    and the criminals in charge are ok with that.
    As the American people chant USA #1 all the way to their death beds
    for 60 years both the democrats and the republicans have stealthily put the noose around your heads . and all the American people ever did was chant USA #1

  5. Seriously, how could we recover?We don’t make anything anymore .In the world economy plan, there is no room for the huge numbers of working class people in America.Those jobs can be handled by the poorer nations.All they need are some personal servants but you will compete with immigrants for those jobs too.

  6. Jobless recovery, what an oxymoron.

  7. that’s my voice!.. I want some recognition or something come on!

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  9. Romans 1:22
    Professing to be wise, they became fools

    Welp folks, Jesus Christ is THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE.
    Romans 10:9-10 (New King James Version)
    9 that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

  10. This is exactly what happened to my job at Chase…they outsourced it to India, they are paying the people that are now doing my job 1/4 what they paid me, and others that they outsourced…thanks to Jamie Dimon…he’s one of the architects of the demise of America…corporations are not your friends, they are parisites, much like the politicians that support them.

  11. WTO is a UN organization, whose interests are not in our favour. They are only interested in filling their pockets, not ours. The UN is working against us, everytime/anytime they take, any money away from the United States. We need to stand up and speak out. Stop taking our money, now. We need to tell our elected officials to stop allowing these many different organizations of the U.N. to stop taking our money.

  12. spot on. i begged my family to listen to me after i watch in horror the documentary on the argentina collapse and saw too many simularities. so hard to move the sheep. now here i am in SE asia, but im ok b/c i know and love Se asia. it will be so voilent in usa soon enough. so many guns there. the fireworks will start soon.

  13. National  strike Jan 20th this year…look for info!

  14. Education of our children with truth to start with and mass non compliance matey Im only guessing once the ball of non compliance starts it will go global.
    Maybe one day a month every month world wide to start with ,all tools down ,no spending money , no tv , etc, its a long stretch but with numbers it can be done while we still have the internet .

  15. By spending and printing money they are going to devalue the dollar so that the foreign debt owed in US dollars is reduced not in dollars but in value .
    x = amount of dollars in service
    D = debt= 5 trillion

    x * 4 = D/4
    So if you quadruple the amount of dollars in circulation you effectively divided it’s value by 4
    and therefore the Foreign Debt by 4
    this would also mean USA is destined for the Third world.

  16. They have done to USA what they did countless times to the South American nations.they gutted looted and raped America.
    most Americans are so stupid they just do not get it.the days of USA as you have known it are over.The communists are now in control and they plan on imploding USA to force on the American people their plans which include the killing off of a substantial amount of people.the jobs will never be coming back.they plan to devalue the dollar so that America is a third world

  17. It is actually laughable…trying to brainwash sheeple that they aren’t broke…you can’t tell someone BROKE ON THEIR ASS that they aren’t broke…this form of brainwashing will not work this time…

    BROKE IS BROKE…the nation is BROKE….you can’t spend your way out of debt…personally or as a nation…

    this crisis is ready to explode…this is what happens when a Satanic Cult takes control..

  18. Absolutely to notch!!. Well done brother, you are a credit to the cause.

  19. Well, Common sense strategy works better nevermind this globalization at the expense of the common man. That only profits the suits and ties who could care less. Either that or lets go into socialism or mass flash crematoriumsfor the hopelessly unemlployed in the USA.

  20. You should look up a short book called the Alpha Strategy. It explains free trade and how the Keynesian economic model has skewed how we see the actual macro and micro economic function our economic system. Free trade does work, it is the access to the federal government, and the use of it as a sort of henchman that has ruined the system in this country. We started as a free trade system with laissez fair in place. We have become the most wealthy nation on earth because of it.

  21. The American people will have to resource thier own employment, working with one another to provide all needs.
    DO not rely upon the state system, it has been hijacked by foreign interests that have sucked the future from the people in order to fund thier empire.
    Free Trade is a free for all for all multinational corporations whose ultimate aim is to do no more than swim with the sharks that predate upon humanity.

  22. well, since the advent of the wto and the pathetic unfair Imean free trade jobs and livelihoods have dissappeared. Nafta also cost many mexican farmers their jobs thanx to our corn dumping. Free trade is hard to explain but it has a tracj record of screwing over the working man. I debated Ivey league economists on this many times. Most of them think they are above it all and have no concept of common sense.

  23. Instituting massive regulations on any form of trade in a free market stifles productivity, growth, and innovation. Price controls, import restricions, taxes, tariffs, wage controls etc… are incredibly damaging to the free market. It takes a lot to explain it all, but businesses themselves ask for regulation to make it harder for other companies to exist or develop. They tell the government “we need to make sure all companies convorm to these things” when they already conform….

  24. TribulationWarrior Reply March 7, 2013 at 10:57 am


  25. Your story is so inspiring, hope to meet you at the peer support center. I’ve finally decided to step out of my comfort zone and get out denial with my mental illness. You encourage me to keep being positive in the community. ;0) Feel free to subscribe to my channel.

  26. recovery is posible but some people get thrown in for nothing and get fed those drugs and come out a different person that is more psychotic and is now a danger to society this has happen to me.

  27. I hope you are feeling much better, would really like to try to help you with getting even better reovering your cells and your body, hope it work for you it had help other people..
    hope to hear from you
    kindly regards

  28. Thank you for your story sharing. I also believe that people can have a rich life outside the mental health system. We should strive for that, for living our life as we want to, for being part of society.

  29. Thank you! Psychiatry today is not therapy, it’s a business. I like what you had to say.

  30. Thank you for sharing some truth.

  31. you make alot of sense. I am in a program now that stresses if I leave it I will fail and be doomed to a life of active addiction. I know you are talking about mental illness but this does seem like one to me. I know there has to be another way. There is always another way. It is so instilled in me that I will fail, that I am afraid to try. Not good. Its a great program except for that mostly.

  32. don’t you think it’s ironic you are hearing coo coooo in the background. Sort of funny.

  33. I’m so glad you survived the system. Some of our peers never hear about recovery and lose hope. I believe it’s gettng better, though, because more people are sharing their recovery journeys.

  34. i have also suffered through the mental health system, it was horrible but i am in the process of recovery. my life was consumed with programs and “treatment”. my fiance is a peer speaicalist and i hope that he will be able to leave the hospital soon and give hope to others. God bless you,

  35. Yes, I have MS. The lazy eye has been there since birth, though

  36. Hi. Don’t mean to be rude but do you have a neurological condition rather than a primary mental illness? Your eyes don’t seem to move together quite as they should, like you have M.S. for example. I was initially diagnosed with schizophrenia but in fact have CNS lupus flares. In consequence I do not take psychiatric meds when well.

  37. hello just stopping by to support
    lol the doves are funny

  38. You go girl! Love the dove!

  39. You seem like a nice person and i know how you feel *Hugs and Cuddles*

  40. Healthcare for profit is doomed to fail as companies seek creative and evil ways to improve their sales. How long before they cross the line and make us all sick intentionally? Some may even argue that they have already started…

  41. He’s cooing in the background!

  42. wheres the dove?

  43. It’s illegal? That blows myu mind. I thought we had it bad, but that is unbelievable. I am so sorry to hear that. Have you thought about moving out of the country? Can they stop you? Yikes!!!

  44. My hope is that the USA will follow Scotland and other countries that “get it.” It’s such a simpple concept, recovery. It may be too simple for heirarchical systems, though, at least right now. But I believe that simplicity will prevail because people are getting more and more fed up with bureaucracies.

  45. your story is so inspiring.

    i feel nervous to tell you but i’m studying mental health nursing in scotland…

    here we have the scottish recovery network which is funded by the scottish government.

    recovery is the main focus of what i’m learning and i hope that one day the mental health system here will be the sort of place people feel will support them as they experience the kind of rich life you have found.

    as an anrchist i’m not into heirarchical systems.

  46. Thank you! That’s a dove in the background. He is 12 years old, and his name is Angel :o)

  47. You seem like such a nice person. You’re right friends make life bearable 🙂
    are those doves or roosters in the background?

  48. WTG

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