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Las Vegas real estate crash and economic collapse #57. Repeat after me…there isn’t any recovery!

Lake Las Vegas has been a major disappointment for developers.
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25 Responses to “Las Vegas real estate crash and economic collapse #57. Repeat after me…there isn’t any recovery!”

  1. CGunterPortfolio Reply March 11, 2013 at 2:57 am

    Look at the crowds! LOL

  2. Yes, please GOD buy a steadycam,
    but also enjoyed that report as well 🙂

  3. thank you this is good video…!!!

  4. This is absolutely horrific. Not only is it such a nice mall/casino/resort but the area, so beautiful. I believe the developers were thinking “Who wouldn’t want to come down here and spend the weekend?” Actually, that boggles my mind too! I’m thinking the same thing. Hard to see the reality though. It is a nice little “Italian” Village.

  5. Buy, buy, buy comes as naturally to a realtor, as barking does to a dog.

  6. Local Realtards are starting the old “the bust is over, buy, buy, buy! ” As if anyone with half a brain would believe them.

  7. At the start of the video you’ll see on the casino sign “Casino Monte Lago.” Have fun in LV.

  8. I’m planning a trip to Vegas next month. What’s the name of this resort? Looks like a nice place to unwind.

  9. Wow! So Sad!! Thanks For The Vid! I Appreciate You!!

  10. Banks are currently holding back on “shadow” inventory. Hard to predict what their next move will be.

  11. The “Ritz” has turned into “Ravella at Lake Las Vegas.” The reason the Las Vegas real estate market is currently hot is at least threefold. Bulk of purchasers are foreigners who have cash on hand; investors can get a better return on their money than banks will offer; and because of low interest rates for owner occupants, will have a mortgage that will be less than a rental payment.

  12. You won’t have to worry about watching this channel again. I’ve banned your ignorance from my page. Good bye fuck-face. 🙂

  13. ExtremeCrewForever Reply March 11, 2013 at 7:13 am

    Is it really as bad as it look. I don’t know how ppl r living now cuz nobody talks about the economy these days. Maybe everybody still living good.

  14. wikipedia says it was built by Alaskan Indians and that the lake and dam pipes require maintenance every 10 years. What happens if there is no money to do the maintenance?

  15. Realestate in Las Vegas for are losing $27,000 a year in value, do to unemployment. No one has any money, no banks are loaning anyone money unless they’re real stable. Another Great Depression is on the way they say, worse than 1929 depression which was all designed by the evil elites. Bank Holiday will becoming, that’s where they steal all your money out of your bank account. One world currency is coming. Digital Gold maybe coming. The IMF and FED, house of Rothschild evil empire. WW3 coming

  16. It will look like Rhyolite in about 25 years.
    They’ll be selling coffee mugs and bumper stickers.

  17. Classy place , not too crowded, a good place for a honeymoon or something.you can have almost the whole place to yourself.

  18. maybe zombies will walk around in a near future…

  19. I’m amazed they can keep the landscaping looking so green. Lots of wasted water I’ll bet.

  20. Whats the point of your comment? First of all – isn’t a business suppose to operate during the week or is the resort/casino only opens for business Friday through Sunday? Everyone here knows about the economic pain NV has gone through but perhaps it’s not over. I wouldn’t boast about a casino/resort closing then reopening under new management–if the economy was booming even an ill managed business would be profitable and thriving. Let’s see your video of the place during the weekend.

  21. You would think they would turn off all of that HID lighting in the parking structure, during the day.

  22. oh i heard about that place. lake las vegas casino they had steak dinners for 12$

    My friend lives down the street.

  23. What is your point of these videos? First of all – you are there on a Tuesday. Try going back during the week end. The Ritz Carton was closed, sold and re-opened. The resort was sold and opened under new management. The casino closed and re-opened under new ownership. As with so many parts of the country, the recession hit hard, especially the Vegas area. There were a lot of bankruptcies out there. Home owners lost about 75% of property value almost overnight. It’s a darling little village.

  24. y’all just gonna have to deal with the jiggle cam. LOL

  25. Love your report, but please buy a Steadycam 🙂

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