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Scott Weiland Interviewed about Addiction’s Toll

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The moment you started thinking negatively was the moment you threw yourself off track. Recovery IS possible, please don’t forget that lovelies. It’s okay to take things at your own pace, no need to listen to criticism from others. Listen to yourself and you’ll be fine, just block out the critical voices in your head and KEEP MOVING! Second channel – www.youtube.com
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49 Responses to “Scott Weiland Interviewed about Addiction’s Toll”

  1. why don’t you fuck off and fall off a tower while your at it mother fucker. no one likes justin bimbo

  2. You are very creative

  3. I’m sure Justin Bieber is your type of music.

  4. overrated artist in my opinion

  5. The Devil

  6. I don’t really feel bad for him….who had the gun to his head?

  7. That is some heavy shit

  8. I don’t think you get the message. He was devastated that he was living his dream but because of his addiction he couldn’t enjoy it and then it passed him by for the most part and he was left feeling empty.

  9. hahaha. so basically getting platinum records and recording in jimmy stewarts mansion and travelling the world and being rich is nice. but shooting junk is better lol.

  10. Um, I…I was, um, I was, uh, gonna ,um, say something really, uh, im…important, but, um, I…I can’t, uh, finish a, uh, sentence without, uh, saying “um” or “uh” 500 times. Um, yeah.

  11. Oh boo hoo, quit crying Scott.

  12. Damn

  13. Money can’t buy happiness, but damn right I could buy a new rig and a new pc.

  14. I definitely see that.

  15. Yes, he is sexy as hell and I find him very attractive. I can’t believe he is so soft spoken. What a good looking man. What is even more attractive is his honesty about his struggles. It takes a lot of courage & humility to admit our shortcomings.

  16. Couldn’t have more of a Masochistic Personality Disorder. I have it too Scott and feel for you. Becoming depressed when others would be esttatic over their acomplishment.. The irration that comes with not understanding it, let alone trying to get the words to describe it to others-a thrid of American’s are retarded at least. I went down the self defeating path of drugs since I was 15. Im now in my early thrities and know now none of this is going away and I can’t work with some of it.

  17. I saw them that tour and he sounded great. I was in elementary school listening to a rock station at night when I first heard Plush premeried. Purple is their hit album for sure (12 Gracious Melodies!), and they were huge after that was released thanks to Big Empty, the most played song on The Crow Soundtract, (Possibly the best sountract put on tape). Hard to pick a favorite album since I listened to them as they came out, and they all bring up deep feeliings and memories, especially T.M..

  18. When your involved with chemicals they become priority. It wouldn’t matter is you were jesus. You would try to score again. So many people forget how powerful these things are. Realization is just the beginning then you must find something that you lost in using. Scott is a good soul i think he will remain and conquer his ill weighted life with love for life and lust for creation.

  19. I agree ‘tiny music’ is my favorite STP record. Very different from the previous 2 albums, but I still love core and purple.

  20. So sad…love him tho

  21. DragonmasterA1ex Reply March 7, 2013 at 7:04 am

    Check out the video, “She Builds Quick Machines” by Velvet Revolver, Scott Weiland is dressed up like the man with no name from A Fistful of Dollars. Uncanny how Weiland looks like a young Clint Eastwood

  22. Wow. OK, so the POINT of this interview was how drugs are BAD and Scott unfortunately couldn’t enjoy his tremendous success BECAUSE he did drugs… it’s to shed a NEGATIVE light on drugs.

  23. Totally agree

  24. this video made me think…

  25. hey laura youve helped me soo much, im a guy uhm yea its not as common for guys to self harm but anyways just the way you say everything and the situations you compare it to kind of helps like i start thinking about that instead of cutting, thank you soo much(:

  26. Listening to others’ advice on recovery (usually non self hammers trying to help personally) never seems to help. You have to help yourself, you have to want it. I understand your bike metaphor though, lol.

  27. The thing is it’s hard when other people are trying to help you recover, but they don’t know what it’s like. Then you mess up, and they don’t understand. They think it’s like you’ll never recover again. And others counting on you is the hard part.

  28. I think you are my new girl crush

  29. Thanks, I just needed to hear this. 🙂

  30. As I am kind of afraid of blood, I have only “cut” once, but it wasn’t a cut, but a stab into my right arm. I believe it was with some kind of forked nail clipping instrument, and it bled a lot, it was so stupid, and I felt horrible, I never told my parents, that was probably 5 years ago now. I can’t actually listen to the videos because I somehow managed months ago to break off a headphone jack in the headphone port, but I like reading the comments and watching anyway. Keep up the good work!

  31. your videos have helped me so much thankyou! xxx

  32. I have cut 3 times this week.. I’m trying to stop. It’s so hard.

  33. please become a therapist, your awesome<3

  34. I relapsed last night.. 🙁

  35. Thank you for making these videos

  36. I was so closed to relapsing today then I started watching you’re videos. <3 You give me so much hope thank you. I love you. <3

  37. @xmcflyxxx Well, I dunno if I’m right or not, but in my opinion I think we’ll always be in recovery once we’ve had an addiction no matter how far you get. I’m not saying that like it is a bad thong, but I just know I myself will always be on the road to recovery and will have to resist urges to cut, although I really hope it’ll get better haha. We’ve just gotta try to get as far as we can into our recovery I think:)

  38. Just relapsed after forty three days…

  39. Don’t worry, I do! 😀 <3

  40. your my new youtube addiction. feel honoured!

  41. Let’s talk more about bikes – :’) you make me so happy I’ve just relapsed and am struggling to tell someone who knows there’s something wrong any advice? x

  42. I like your way of thinking. You’re a wonderful person and don’t deserve any harm, no matter where it’s coming from. Always keep that in mind.

  43. Very good video, and I agree pretty much. If you tried something and it doesn’t work (especially if you’ve tried it more than once) then something needs to change. You either need to alter that method, or just try another method. Great message! :)

  44. What a wise head on your shoulders…wishing everyone who reads this love and happiness x

  45. wats a relaps?

  46. Victoria Baltzell Reply March 7, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    thank you for syaing what you did about the relapses… that really just helped me quite a bit… I was just going through your recent videos and came across it and I wanted to let you know it was very helpful<3 It just really seemed to click

  47. I haven’t cut for twenty days but I don’t think it’s going to last much longer because of like, withdrawal symptoms? Head aches and stuff but is it giving up if I cut its like I can’t do anything because I haven’t cut…

  48. trumpetplayer0123 Reply March 7, 2013 at 9:08 pm

    @Downtownpatrol ummm not to bother you or something but can you please inbox me?i need to talk to someone and no one really seems to understand me except your videos and you.So if you dont mind can you you inbox me?thank you and love yous:)

  49. i dont like falling off my bike 🙁

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