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Alpha Brainwave Meditation.wmv

Stimulating your brain with Alpha brainwaves is very healthy for your mind and body. Alpha brainwaves characterize a state of being awake but deeply relaxed. In such state the body has the highest capacity to recover and rejuvenate. The benefits of this Alpha Meditation are numerous. Among the most common effects of Alpha brainwave stimulation are: Higher levels of creativity Relaxed body and mind Improved ability to problem-solve Balanced mood and emotional stability Lowered levels of stress and anxiety Flow state of consciousness Boosted immune system Positive thinking Increased levels of serotonin Deep self-introspection More energy and better sleep Headphones are not required. For more information, please visit www.brainwave-meditation.net

23 Responses to “Alpha Brainwave Meditation.wmv”

  1. When we put focused intent to work our world will change in ways we have as yet fully understand! And thank you it was great to listen to. again thanks!

  2. This is by far the best of your series. Easy to listen to, not distracting, and effective. The beats are subtle, and the music is smooth and calming. So well done. I would love to hear more pieces like this, versus the nature sounds/loud beats quality of other recordings. I have done two years of exam studying to this piece. I would definitely pay for an extended cut of this.

  3. Release of negative emotions? Thats why you felt queasy that time, maybe?

  4. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me

  5. this shit better work for my biology final!

  6. Youtube converter

  7. Does this song come from m83’s dead cities red seas? Very similar

  8. Is this song from m83’s “dead cities-red seas”?

  9. How is everyone. My neighbor had surprisingly good results dealing with their unbearable panic attacks after going to KickAnxietyByFriday (sure it was a dot com site). Now enjoying a new outlook on a cheerful life. You’ll see for yourself.

  10. really? have u been helped by Brainwave opt? from Lee Gerdes? does it really work ? I am planning to do it as well, not fully convinced

  11. Adelbert von Deyen Reply March 7, 2013 at 4:00 am

    Awesome. Thumbs up!

  12. marconi union weightless – thought to be the most relaxing tune known to science for a few reasons. It was developed by a band and neurologists. Don’t know how valid that is, but it’s nice. 🙂 love you too.

  13. Can I download this to my comp? It is very soothing.

  14. you should try EFT too 🙂

  15. Good for relaxed mind I daily use two times a day….thanks a lot

  16. CookieeMonstarr666 Reply March 7, 2013 at 7:21 am

    i hear the sound as like it was far away from me.. but the speaker is only beside me.. lol

  17. Great!!
    see more on medicinal music channel -> jarawara3x

  18. this got the same effects on me as relatin, im serious. I can study better and i have the same feeling in my mustach :p

  19. Smoke weed n listen.. its a ride!

  20. OMG i am still in awe at the unlimited power of something as simple as a frequency. i now have thrown away all my medication and am healing and improving daily. the medication i was on for 5 years didnt have anywhere near the same effect….thank you and i love you and everyone else unconditionaly

  21. this one is far more effective than others..

  22. “Love is limitless if it is not coming from conditional space” Tony Samara

  23. I am obsessed with this “music”. This is the only thing I can listen to while studying. Thank you BrainwaveMeditation!!

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