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Destroy your Approach Anxiety

http://www.InnerGameTapping.com/ This video has helped loads of guys – if it helps you, please add a comment! It may seem a bit odd if you don’t understand h…
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Music By Angels And Airwaves Performing Anxiety. (C) 2012 Independent Records.

50 Responses to “Destroy your Approach Anxiety”

  1. innergametapping Reply March 15, 2013 at 2:58 am

    Hey thanks for your comment.

    There’s a number of reasons – it tends to work for 70%-80% of people right off the bat, and the rest can usually get it to work.

    Check out the forums on the website for some more support.

  2. innergametapping Reply March 15, 2013 at 3:11 am

    lol… I wouldn’t do it in public, that’d be weird!

  3. I think this really works.

  4. it really calms you down. Everything on your mind just goes away. thanx

  5. Very well presented
    Dr Anand MBBS MRCGP UK

  6. Holy shit… the comments on this video are astounding… I’m about to do this xD I’ll have to post what I think

  7. wow this works! great!

  8. it works because u feel like u can do anything after doing this ridiculous crap

  9. 0:48 LMAO “She’ll fuck your brains out”

    oh yeah, this did seem far-fetched and weird to do at first, but now I somehow see how it improves your abilities and makes you feel better.

  10. I actually feel better! Weird!

  11. umm…weird….I actually feel better 🙂

  12. i’ve been trying this pretty intensely for a month and so far it hasn’t worked for me. i don’t doubt tapping’s efficiency, so i’m going to keep trying.

  13. It fucken works?

  14. Im not being sceptic about this at all i think its great! But does it work, will it really take away my anxiety before an approach?

  15. i will try out what has changed in my life tomorrow! But i´m feeling very good after watching this video!

  16. I`d buy the man a drink… This is the real deal…I feal so calm… the little aproch anxiety that I had disapeared 😀 … good stuff… thanx for uploding 🙂

  17. Just watched the video, im desperate to get out there and try it out! People who click this but cant be assed watching it because its long it is worth every second

  18. how often should you i do this?

  19. how many times do u do this day?

  20. where did you feel your anxiety/fear? for me it was in my upper chest. i did get nervous picturing walking up to girls in a store. i think you’ll notice a better effect if you initially concentrate so that you get the most anxiety as possible. u notice it go away, just repeat the video. u approach girls than and u are so used to this feeling already now, that it’s low just like in in the exercise. nice!

  21. EFT at it’s best 😉

  22. ETF at it’s best…! Anyway, stolen from NLP! 🙂

  23. i feel a lot better man.

  24. So are you spose to do this at the bar if the fear comes back when you are about to talk to a girl cuz it would take like 24 min to complete

  25. If you’re saying it works, great. It should also work for me. =)

  26. Tom sounds terrible

  27. Listen don’t “ressure him

  28. Chris Gottschalk Reply March 15, 2013 at 6:05 pm

    How is he a poser for realizing Tom can’t sing for shit anymore?

  29. carlos morales villanueva Reply March 15, 2013 at 6:35 pm

    but this is pretty good I mean more than other ava shows

  30. his voice makes him sound more human

  31. To everybody wo has problems with getting an orgasmus: Just listen to this and you get one! :D <3

  32. Dinar Yoga Irawan Reply March 15, 2013 at 7:43 pm

    Tom, please if you play on stage I hope that you would use the voice effect. that maybe can make your voice better. 🙁

  33. The band’s sound engineer Jeff “Critter” Newell died just some days before this show and Tom is probably also very drunk so I think the combination of those two things made his voice terrible. He sings great live now though.

  34. Ok seriously, Tom sounds like me when I try to do a bad impression of him. He sounds so good on the records :/

  35. OK

  36. Um… that’s his real voice… the thing is that you must been listening the studio version, and in the studio the fix up his voice. Sorry for my english

  37. ILAN GET THE FUCK OUT NOW. atom was much better.

  38. He probobly is…

  39. I miss Atom, but this drummer is sick too.

  40. He may be drunk.

  41. What’s wrong with his voice?

  42. same :cc

  43. Hes no longer part of the band.

  44. the production at the end of this track always leaves me speechless

  45. Holy crap Ilan is awesome! Better than Atom imo

  46. JuanRodriguezDrummer Reply March 16, 2013 at 3:17 am

    Where is Atom Wilard? (Drummer)

  47. AAAAAAHHHH tom can’t sing!!!!! sooo sad!! D:

  48. sounds fucked

  49. oh my god, guys from the bottom of my heart i fucking love tom sooo much… but he just sounds like a fucking retard here. and if any of you actually liked his voice there than you’re pretty fucking stupid.

  50. If this were Blink, I may agree with you. But this is Angels and Box Car, his voice is perfect for the music (in my opinion).

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