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Meditation Help – Relaxation

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Hubert Dreyfus on Husserl and Heidegger: Section 4

In contrast to empiricist and rationalist traditions, existentialism proposes and orderless world, vaguely hostile, where people choose their character goals, have an obligation only to “authentic,” and may only observe the truth (reality) in moments of anxiety. In this program, University of California, Berkeley philosopher Herbert Dreyfus traces the roots of existentialism from Edmund Husserl’s School of Phenomenology, to his pupil Martin Heidegger’s theories of das Sein, the threefold structure of activity, authenticity, and nihilism. Dreyfus relates the philosophies of both en to present-day schools of thought.

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  1. This reminds me of pink and white flowers and a pretty waterfal

  2. soo peacefull

  3. I love this. It reminds me of a beautiful lush rainforest…

  4. if only the wrld was this peaceful

  5. Makes you realize how beautiful the world is 

  6. StephanieLisaTara Reply March 7, 2013 at 12:10 am

    Bodhi originally has no tree

    The mirror also has no stand.

    Buddha nature is always clear and pure;

    Where is there room for dust?


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    This one is really nice, too!

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  13. so good….

  14. wow meditation really makes time fly i only done that becuz i need time to fly i lovemeditaation

  15. “A brief 24 hour era of peace would come to the nations of Earth; If for a full day, each person on the planet made this their goal:
    To plant seeds of love and humility in the hearts of others regardless of their age, religion, or nation.” – Erich M.

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  16. Art.

  17. This music is so relaxing and serene. I love it!

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  19. kind of like ghost song,but It’s a good song =)

  20. 123456789asdfghjkl19 Reply March 7, 2013 at 5:22 am

    hey great vid i less chunky

  21. so chill – –

  22. this song is so peaceful.

  23. dudethisismyname Reply March 7, 2013 at 7:29 am

    Great video. The lighting at the end made me jump, I was all nice and chilled it by the that stage and didn’t expect it 😛

  24. i feel like all philosophy is, is making sense of all the unneccessary, yet most interesting aspects of life and the universe

  25. I just finished Sam Harris’ _Free Will_, and its content is related to this in interesting ways.

  26. I stumbled across this video by accident a month or so ago. It strikes me as curious that apparently so many people come to youtube for these old clips of old men talking about old philosophies. What is even more curious is all the rambling in the comments. Isn’t there somewhere else for those interested in existentialism to go? Perhaps the IEP or something? Also, I’m getting a real condescending and pretentious vibe in a lot of the bickering in the comments.

  27. he can’t take off all his clothes and roll in the flowers rofl (rolling on the flowers laughing)

  28. UGH…philosophy. 

  29. I was thinking, and I came up with an idea on aesthetics. Heidegger describes the authentic person as one who leads an “independent” life. An independent life comes with anxiety but is seperate from “the one”. Those are his words for it. Couldn’t this view be applied to aesthetics and the understanding of musical value? I would appreciate some thoughts on this. It is an interesting idea I think at least.

  30. @polpoint @soultorment27 i feel like in this case, though, we would have to be careful what kind of causal story we’re trying to figure out. if its the laws of nature, heidegger would probably disagree because dasein is not rule-based, however i supposed we could conceive of a deterministic causal story that doesn’t follow any specific set of rules, yet still couldn’t have happened any other way?

  31. I think it is random & inexplicable and then tempered/ refined by our past responses to stimuli. It’s just that most people appear to be creatures of habit and are supposedly comfortable with repetition/ predictability. Though you are right, and I would need to be observing my internal processes externally to actually determine if that is true or if there is just so much complexity that it appears to be random. I guess in the end it comes down to “is anything _really_ random?”

  32. The description of the dasein in anxiety, ‘stick with things and not getting stuck’ – I experienced this epiphany myself several years ago; I do indeed feel liberated.

  33. Why think that free will & causal determinism are incompatible? Even if everything was set on a specific causal course, we aren’t in any position to know, since there are so many factors. So in that sense, we cannot fully “figure out” other’s behavior. But perhaps in principle, it’s possible? I don’t see why human free will would be incompatible with the fact that everything is causally determined. It seems to me that if the will was not caused, then it would be random & inexplicable.

  34. I completely disagree because I will do whatever the fuck I want to do. It’s the same reason none of my psychologist girl friends could “figure me out.” You can “figure out” the apes and idiots controlled by their instincts who are mimicking human behaviors, needs and wants because they are simplistic and, for the most part, predictable. And even they sometimes let their self-determination shine through. But In my unhumble opinon you can’t “figure out” a human.

  35. Sounds like German flavored Buddhism.

  36. yeah! hes AMAZING, you should check out his Michel Foucault: Beyond Post-Structuralism and Hermeneutics, sooo good

  37. Hubert is a great speaker. Wish he had the same interest in the other phil’s

  38. This guy looks like a parrot

  39. Nostatementinthename Reply March 7, 2013 at 2:49 pm


  40. yeh i think thats the case. type in ‘dreyfus heidegger foucault’ into google. he has an essay about that.

  41. well, the whole structualist movment was partially inspired by Heidegger, simply because of his cartesian destruction and language-derrida, lacan. for Focault i think he was inspired more by nietzsche and his “will to power” discourse, but then again heidegger consider nietzsche as the first thinker to kill a methaphysycal men.

  42. Nostatementinthename Reply March 7, 2013 at 4:56 pm

    Am I right to asume then – I have only read “Being and Time” – that the later epoch/historically thinking Heidegger is who Foucault was inspired from to begin with?

  43. Nostatementinthename Reply March 7, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    Totally. However, I do think this is as good as it is possibly gonna get when given 35 minutes to explain even a fragment of Heideggers works.

  44. this could be pushed further into a disengagement with will. the feeling of receiving a gift of a singularity that is first living and then makes the non-seqitor that it presupposes inertia. the ready-to-hand is active in mind moreso than unready-to-hand. always already ends in hard determinism.

  45. Sorry, I didn’t read all the other comments. I think many do agree.

  46. Anyone else think Dreyfus is slightly off in this discussion? Or simply doesn’t offer the viewer the real Heidegger one would read in the works?

  47. GodlessPhilosopher Reply March 7, 2013 at 7:28 pm

    Can you tell me what you mean? Sounds interesting. Do you have an anti-ontotheological interpretation of St. Paul? “Religion after Metaphysics” is a great book on topics like this.

    I like Heidegger’s (or Dreydegger’s) account of nihilism and his solution to it more than Nietzsche’s. Perhaps there is similarity between authenticity and the ubermensch (Heidegger wrote four volumes on Nietzsche afterall), but I like authenticity more.

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