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Navya – 7th June 2012

Navya - 7th June 2012

Sugandha tells Navya to delete the blog but Anant stops her. He tells Sugandha to prove herself to Omprakash in order to gain his respect but she remains unconvinced. Saraswati notices Sugandha’s anxiety and gets suspicious. Nimisha and Ranveer think about each other while Ritika gets jealous. Rama and Mohan have a romantic moment. Sanjay thanks Savita for supporting his decision to become a landscape designer. Navya is worried that Sugandha will confess the truth about the blog to Omprakash.

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28 Responses to “Navya – 7th June 2012”

  1. finally it ended na….:((((

  2. Can you upload the 8th june for every episode please? Thanks! 🙂

  3. Shahzad snow ash Reply March 9, 2013 at 2:05 am

    really intresting serial

  4. navya will stop on june 29th.please #savenavya don’t let it stop.please watch navya on tv.

  5. Are they stopping Navya?? I love this show too much – Shaheer/Soumya are the BEST!! this is the only serial I am eagerly watching on Star Plus!

  6. save navya, navya is our life, dont stop it

  7. #save navya….i don’t want 2 lose u nvya….shaheer/soumya….ur the best….u always rocks…

  8. THis is the bestest SHow ever…
    SP is just greedy for TRPs…
    This channel suckss…
    Navya rockss..#SAVENAVYA

  9. nice epi…..navya is my fav….pls #save navya……#save navya.don’t want to lose it.

  10. navya epi super….but my request
    plz plz save navya…..))

  11. awsm epi as always,
    bt wan’t to watch every day NAVYA
    #savenavya, #savenavya plzzz

  12. bilkul nayi soch…superb epi..shud not end this show..best of the lot

  13. nice episode

  14. awsmmm epi….naye sochhh….

  15. Niuce episode…

  16. Please don’t end navya

  17. Wow awesome episode,

  18. awesome epiosode..

  19. Wow Nice episode.. It showed the difference in thinking between generations… What we think as correct is not always agreed/ consented by our parents.. their angle of thinking is totally different

  20. we will die if u end navya

  21. plssss dnt end navya..its our life..we cant think a single day without navya…

  22. Awesome episode….

  23. Awesome epi… Please don’t end Navya..!!

  24. first guns then come a movie about pills since a bunch of lunatics are going crazy over pills they fund them aka big pharma

  25. “A woman turns to prescription medication as a way of handling her anxiety concerning her husband’s upcoming release from prison.”

    I think most of us have been in a relationship like that. Ah, memories!

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  27. My dear Watson, you should proberly run

  28. ok

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