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Panic Attack: Tips For Putting The Joy Back In Your Life

If you suffer from panic attacks, everyday life can present a difficult road to travel. Unfortunately the items that can cause the attack to occur vary from person to person so each set of triggers is individual to you. This can make it difficult to find a solution.

Seek out a way to cool your body down. This can be easily accomplished with something like drinking water or holding ice against your body to cool down. The shock of the cold will help you focus your thoughts on your body’s reactions, rather than your feelings of panic.

Controlled breathing and regular meditation can be very effective in easing anxiety and reducing panic attacks. Take 10 full deep breaths and count out each inhale and exhale. This will help increase the oxygen flow to your brain, allowing you to focus more effectively. It will also help you to transfer your attention to something other than the stressful situation at hand.

Did you do it previously? Was it a hit last time? If you were unsuccessful before, what can you do differently to be successful now?

If you can control your breathing and slow the rate down, it’s possible to deal with your panic attack. It’s imperative you control your breathing during a panic attack because this could alleviate the attack’s intensity. Focus on taking deep breaths to regain control of your breathing.

If you frequently suffer from panic attacks or extreme anxiety, use a timer to remind yourself to engage in some deep breathing techniques every half hour. Stop what you are doing every thirty minutes or so, in order to relax, breathe deeply and stay off the panic attack track. This will keep oxygen in your system and reset your focus. Soon after beginning this practice, you should develop the habit of automatically regenerating yourself; diverting your attention from panic and hopefully averting attacks.

As far as panic attacks are concerned, failure does not exist. Techniques can only fail, not make things any worse than they already are so try them all and see what works for you!

Avoid self-medicating during a panic attack as this is ineffective at best, and destructive at worst. Chemicals like alcohol and drugs will make things worse, potentially triggering depression or addiction. Instead, speak with your doctor about the way you can reduce your panic attacks, and potentially get prescription medication for the issue.

Those who suffer from panic attacks can benefit greatly from the practice of Tai Chi. By concentrating on every part of your body, you will be able to keep your mind occupied. Practicing these movements can rapidly ease your stress and may help avoid your panic attacks.

To curb panic attacks, try building up your ability to face social situations. I love volunteering with kids or elderly because kids show me how to still have a good time and never judge anyone, while the seniors are just so happy and they love having me around. These types of activities can make your life feel more purposeful and give you a reason to get going in the morning.

Look for a local therapist or therapy center that charges on a “sliding scale.” This involves the clinic charging you based upon your income, versus a flat rate and it allows you access to the same quality medical care for a price you can actually pay for.

Because you are used to dealing with panic attacks, you know your triggers. A big issue for you may be that you do not understand why these attacks occur, or you do not know how to prevent them.

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