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Penn and Teller – Safety Hysteria (Full Episode)

Penn and Teller - Safety Hysteria (Full Episode)

This one is very much related to the Stranger Danger episode. If you’re going to be afraid of something at least make sure it’s a credible threat, or you’re really wasting your money and your life

25 Responses to “Penn and Teller – Safety Hysteria (Full Episode)”

  1. CthulhuTheArmadillo Reply March 6, 2013 at 9:51 pm

    This has got to be my favorite show.

  2. yes, yes they are

  3. not entirely true. in many (most?) western countries you can’t be held legally accountable for your actions until you’re over 16, except in extreme cases, which are then tried in adult court.

  4. Unfortunately, yeah. And when you get kids it’s even worse…but that’s another show

  5. Clearly you are doing someone a favor by telling them to “kiss my ass” instead of offering your face to kiss.

  6. Now there’s a guy (the one wrapping his house up) who has no idea what reality is. He seems to think he’ll never die (except by something he’s afraid of).

  7. yes they really that scared n they r really dumb! kinda like penn & teller! but sometimes ppl just get the wrong things in there head cuz ppl like penn n teller! they can go to heller! IM JUST DUMB disregard this comment !

  8. Uh oh I used There instead of they’re, Internet grammar police descend!!!

  9. It was a joke silly geez!!! Why so serious? This is a Penn and Teller show so I assumed everyone watching wasn’t taking comments seriously. And quite the contrary I have 3 kids of my own and by all those vaginal facts you just threw out there I can tell you have spent more time reading about it than actually fucking it. Nobody likes a serious sally when there are watching Penn and Teller it’s kind of a buzz kill!!!

  10. Tells people to quit being a nit picky asshole after quoting vaginal facts like some kind of God Damn Gynecologist!!! Face it dude your a dick trying to get all serious with people trying to have a laugh over a Penn and Teller episode! Take the walk of shame!!!

  11. 19:40 is the best part of the video 😀

  12. Well not really, a criminal is not defined by age. a criminal can be as young as 5 or as old as 109.

  13. You have noooo idea.

  14. The toilet seat thing makes no sense, you really don’t know what was on a toilet seat, or really how well anything gets cleaned off a toilet seat for it to look like it wasn’t there.

  15. Your point: No metal detectors or security procedures because people will kill regardless, either before or have a non-metal weapon, and so we will not live in fear? What contradicts there, if you cannot see it yourself, is that security eases fear and does add safety. In what fucking universe is security not leading to safety?

  16. Indeed not.

  17. Certainly not.

  18. Certainly not.

  19. I’m talking out my ass? I think perhaps you are. Viruses do not need a host to “survive”; they need a host to replicate. Outside a host organism they exist as inactive particles (i.e. virions) indefinitely. They will not die and can only be destroyed by extreme temperatures, any other form of radiation capable of disrupting base-pairing in the viral genome, and virucidal chemicals. Maybe you can tell me how the virions found on a toilet seat would differ?

  20. Actually if you knew anything about a woman’s anatomy, you would know that the vagina is actually quite acidic and kills almost all bacteria that attempts to live there. It even kills sperm which is part of the reason why millions of sperm are released every ejaculation. You are very ignorant, I hope you’re a child.

  21. True. But certainly not virions.

  22. To be fair most schools don’t have metal detectors but I still think having them at all is ridiculous in a school setting.

  23. You do know that a metal detector won’t stop a gun from working right? and that if a kid did want to shoot up his school that he would just pull out his gun BEFORE he got to the metal detector right? Metal detectors aren’t magic anti gun machines. Besides, a kid could just as easily bring in a bomb with no metal in it. Paranoia is stupid. I’d rather have more risk in my life than live it constantly in fear.

  24. You’re only denied those rights in school because it is a public institution. On the street you have just as many rights, if not more than the average citizen. A minor can commit a crime and pays a far smaller price for it than an adult would. I don’t agree with officers pointing guns at kids by any means but trust me, you don’t want our country to consider you an adult. One small fuck up will stick would stick with you your entire.

  25. Bahhhhh bahhhhhhh

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