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The Atomic Cafe

One of the defining documentaries of the 20th century, THE ATOMIC CAFE (1982) offers a darkly humorous glimpse into mid-century America, an era rife with paranoia, anxiety, and misapprehension. Whimsical and yet razor-sharp, this timeless classic illuminates the often comic paradoxes of life in the “Atomic Age,” while also exhibiting a genuine nostalgia for an earlier and more innocent nation. Narrated through an astonishing array of vintage clips and music–from military training films to campy advertisements, presidential speeches to pop songs–the film revolves around the threat–and thrill–of the newly minted atomic bomb. Taking aim at the propaganda and false optimism of the 1950s, the film’s satire shines most vividly in the clever image splicing, such as footage of a decimated Hiroshima alongside cheerful suburban “duck-and-cover” routines. More than anything else, THE ATOMIC CAFE shows how nuclear warfare infiltrated the living rooms of America, changing the nation from the inside out. Immensely entertaining and devilishly witty, THE ATOMIC CAFE serves up a revealing slice of American history: the legendary decade when we learned to live in a nuclear world.

A Video For My Mom.

So I decided to move across the country for a wee bit to be around my ‘internet’ friends and take control of my life, but I miss my mom dearly. She watches my videos every morning before work so I decided to talk to her via my camera throughout the day. I LOVE YOU MOM! 😀 PS I am nervous for my mom to see this and was extremely hesitate to upload it because i’ve never honestly sat down and explained to her everything i really go through so I feel this might be a surprise to her. Over the years I’ve become really good at hiding my emotions and covering it with a fake smile. #nofilter
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “The Atomic Cafe”

  1. Death Sentence is Disgusting, obviously if they werent the traitors somebody else would have been, Jesus Christ! it was only a matter of time.. way to go to kill somebody that didnt needed to die.

  2. remember DUCK AND COVER!!!!!

  3. Кирилл Завгороднев Reply March 6, 2013 at 11:30 pm

    its a war crime, butall are silent !!!!

  4. Bummmm!!!!!

  5. ok

  6. Duck and cover. Or…. Put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.

  7. ellomynameisjohnny Reply March 7, 2013 at 1:29 am

    There is an unnaturally long pause at 12 minutes. I lol’d

  8. What a disgusting show of power,a terrible abuse of science

  9. The government should let the children write “liberty and democracy” and “in God we trust” on every fucking peaceful missile.

  10. You’re not the only one. As an animal (and human activist) this kind of thing ticks me off. What is heartbreaking is the government and our military continue to do the same on a daily basis with sentient beings; cats, dogs, goats, sheep, et al. Ugh. :(

  11. 1:09:50 this guy reminds me of Christopher Lloyd.

  12. Myturtleandmouse Reply March 7, 2013 at 2:51 am

    Am I the only one feeling sorry for the poor little piggies? They didn’t put them out of their misery they just loaded them onto the truck no doubt to be dissected alive 🙁 or at least let them suffer the effects of radiation burns and poisoning then dissect them. Poor poor piggies 🙁

  13. 30:11 is that guy transmitting morse code with his eyebrows?

  14. loving the eyebrows at 30:08

  15. Sunglasses and a hat.Thats whats missing from the duck and cover advice.

  16. Only ‘interesting’ in that it is a total misrepresentation of what he said. This is the actual quote:

    ‘America should not neccessarily use this bomb, but rather look upon it as a peaceful guardian and protector of the basic American doctrines of liberty and democracy against the obstacles of red fascism’s materialistic and atheistic philosphy’.

    A perfectly reasoned statement.

  17. Duck & Cover! 1:04:25

  18. as red would say DUMBASS

  19. @ EEEL123
    Are you a psychopath. There Was never a need to nuke japan. They were already losing the war, they would have surrendered anyway. Dipshit.

  20. Havn’t they ever herd ov hd or ever color why is it all blackn wite

  21. very well done it exposes v ery well the propoganda of the time and through watching it now the it also exposes just how much of that propoganda is still being used on us now particulalry with reference to the effects of radiation

  22. historical,, one i like

  23. No more embarrassing as the same American People today who pay taxes and vote and look to government as their protectors.

  24. 52:55

    OMG Don’t worry about yourselves… As far as the test is concerned you’ll be okay.

    Holy fucking shit… how stupid were these soldiers?

    I’d be like… Fuck this shit I’m going AWOL!

  25. @NewVideoDigital
    G’day mate/s…! Great Movie… Thankee for Uploading it.
    Any, and every, insight into what a bunch of Paranoid Neo-Fascists from the Exited States of Norte-Americano would like to forget, regards their history ; is INTENSELY Welcome…!!!
    To collect your Reward, please search “sunfoil” on YouTube…
    You’re Welcome…
    Ciao !

  26. Aiyana Rodriguez Reply March 7, 2013 at 10:59 am

    Hold on…. U have a brother?

  27. Aiyana Rodriguez Reply March 7, 2013 at 11:08 am

    9:10 don’t make me cry Damon 🙁

  28. Keep smiling, we’ll get through it

  29. I don’t even care anymore, I freaking love you, you’re a beautiful human being inside and out and you deserve all the love in the world, need to meet you so bad it’s actually kills me to know you’re on the other side of the ocean

  30. Damon, you are an amazing person and we all love you very much! I’ve been going through alot of the same stuff, like physical appearance issues and depression, and I want you to know that we are here for you and I hope you can find the right people who will accept you as much as I do. Don’t beat yourself up about it, if you just be yourself around everyone, the right people will love you for who you are and stick around. Please keep making videos and just remember how important you are to me.

  31. I can’t even express my love for you as a person, you’re the guy version of me, it’s so sad of me but I actually cried at this, you’re the best, if anything ever severe happens to me or to the point where I’m told I only have a certain amount of time to live, you’re the one person I’d come looking for, you mean so much to me

  32. And I love how you say peaceskies at the end of your videos. 🙂

  33. I’m sure you can make your mom proud:)

  34. And just so you know nobody is perfect I have flaws & Im like super short Im 13 and my 11 yr old cousin is taller than me and I always feel bad because in every little circle me & my friends make in the hallway while were switchin I feel short and I really feel short around Brad Baker and Austin Combs because they are like giants to me man I only know two people at my school in 8th grade that I am taller than Christopher Holiday and Harley Collier anyways everyone has flaws love yourself please.

  35. This video literally made me cry. You are perfect, you have no idea how much of an inspiration you are to me. Don’t let anybody put you down, and that includes yourself. I love you, stay strong(:

  36. You are worthy of being seen and leaving your house, my mom kept me inside so much that when she finally decided to let me outside I didn’t want to go outside I wanted to stay inside. Anyways, leave your house for a while get some fresh air, meet a pretty girl do something outside of your home.

  37. 8:11-12:15 Damon I know how u feel

  38. And don’t hate yourself either, oh and just so you know I’m adding these comments while I watch the video, I’ll hear you say something that I can talk to you about and then I’ll pause the video and comment some “advice” I think I’m giving you advice I don’t know but anyways don’t hate anything about yourself.

  39. By the way I don’t think you’re stupid. And I think you should ignore what you’re mind says and do what you want and over come your shyness. I’m so shy that when I’m in class and I get called on to read out loud that you can’t hear me even if you’re beside of me but then you get me out with my friends and I’m all crazy and loud. Anyways, be you around girls you like let them know the real you, be yourself.

  40. Name it Isabella(;

    that’s not my name at all…..

  41. I had to take out some punctuation and put a little bad spelling in that comment so that I could post it sorry.

  42. Dont feel like people dont like u or any of the other negative things about u and life u r awesome Im so sorry I said that because there isnt a word 2 describe how amazing I think u are ur hilarious and awesome and I cant really think of any words that describe how awesome u are probably because there r none anyways dont think that people hate u or wanna hang out with u over pity I seem 2 always think my friends talk bad about me behind my back but ur so awesome there are no words 2 describe it

  43. 1:20-1:21 Me 2 Damon Me 2

  44. I like your jacket thing.  The hair…..I’d like to szhuuzz it off.

  45. wow listening to you felt like you were describing me, and I felt so hopeful yet sad to know that I’m not the only one that feels this way. Damon you are my inspiration and I want you to know that to me you are perfect <3

  46. nevershoutneverfl Reply March 7, 2013 at 11:12 pm

    i know you’re insecure its okay so am i but if i had a chance with you i will make you feel so happy about yourself and make you laugh i love you i love you it will just make my day if you replied to this 🙂

  47. nevershoutneverfl Reply March 7, 2013 at 11:31 pm

    i would love to be best friends with you you are like the sweetest i love you damon <3

  48. nevershoutneverfl Reply March 8, 2013 at 12:13 am

    you’re simply perfect to me and you make me laugh all the time <3 ill socialize with you

  49. Your mind is your brain, right? Well there’s more to you than a mind. There’s more to you than just a body..

  50. Samsafashionista Reply March 8, 2013 at 12:49 am

    Damon,I love you. You are so perfect.

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