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anxiety and weed how to deal

talking about some anxiety symptoms and how to smoke weed while having anxiety
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25 Responses to “anxiety and weed how to deal”

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  2. Wrong ! Weed is a cure for the troubled soul. You just say ignore it and live with it. You can only be happy if you get rid of this old troubled ego. The real you is fighting the ego and because you can’t win from this exp. you lose control and are out of your mind = PANIC ATTACK, ANXIETY Feeling. You still stuck in the begin level. Don’t fight the old ego”panic” accept it and ask for more. After that the real you will reveal and grow stronger for real life situations. Don’t ignore it.

  3. getmoneystayreal Reply March 6, 2013 at 11:11 pm

    You helped me as well bro…cheers.

  4. Yeah true. around cute random girls i get shy vibes lol but once i get to know them for awhile my vibes change from shy to good. i’ve actually start to realize that now. Just hearing it from someone makes me feel better. thanks mate.

  5. getmoneystayreal Reply March 6, 2013 at 11:42 pm

    You are not alone….I’ve never had attacks from smoking,until recently…I used to get high and laugh so much,but then I started to see the wickness of the world and question everything. I miss getting high,but I’m afraid to smoke….Any advice anyone? Would a vaporizer or bong help? I used to smoke blunts. Is it the tobacco and chemicals???

  6. getmoneystayreal Reply March 7, 2013 at 12:15 am

    You are not anti social….you just need to be around people who give you good vibes and you trust,I’m the same way. I tend to smoke alone,because I smile a lot when I’m high. I don’t want people thinking I’m weird.

  7. getmoneystayreal Reply March 7, 2013 at 12:56 am

    I agree with you 100% I kinda think it could be the blunts I’ve smoked,the chemicals and allergic to tobacco. I’m going to go back to smoking from a bong,before I give it up….exercise help’s to calm down deep thoughts and anxiety also. But I do agree with you. I have smoked and watched documentaries and done my bible lessons and couldn’t control my mind,and seen the world from the outside,and I started getting anxiety attacks.


  9. I’ve smoked weed at work durin break, at the park, at the beachh at night, at the beach in the day, on the streets… never got panic attack. weed actually. i would give up everything for weed. but it feels like it did kinda made me less confident a bit more less social but i was always like that, but weed just made me start realizing it. but weed is pure fuckin awesome. u can do it anywhere all the time. i can’t see why people have panic attacks. i used to be scared from cops but im not now

  10. People who have panic attacks from smoking weed is from smoking too much.
    Less is more for me I suffer from social anxiety and depression and when I smoke I feel better, I’m 100 times more talkative, more productive, more myself. I only take two g’s and I’m good for the entire day, if I smoke too much then my anxiety goes haywire. If you’re smoking out of a bowl, take 3-4 medium hits. Do stuff you wouldn’t normally do too, talk to strangers, so when you’re sober you know you can do those things

  11. i have depression suicidle anxiety but i do rapmusic to help mself but without the weed the music vibe isnt there ,so im stuck in a floot , im not saying im addicted but there is alot of unconfortable negitory essence in my house i remain stuck with ,
    so ive learned to conserve for my life ,

  12. everyone is different so it works in many ways ! smoking cannabis can be beneficial for anxiety patients!It can help or can make it worse! hybrids i think r the best for anxiety, i thought i had it worse but now i know that other people have had worse anxiety experiences..im slowly smoking weed once a week and not to dome! im a happy medical marijuana patient! 🙂

  13. this suck seeing all of these comment i have bad anxiety and panic attacks to…and i have decided to get my weed card thinking it might work…NOW IAM THINK IT WONT ):

  14. It matters what kind of cannabis you smoke. A strong Sativa bud, with a high THC level may not make it better, it even could make it worse.. Personally, I have found that cannabis works well for my anxiety, I have felt more confident, I have been able to focus better, and my panic attacks rarely occur. If you cant deal with your anxiety and nothings working, Talk to your doctor about it, many people feel the same way you do.. I rely on God, and the plant he put on this earth for us.

  15. This is exactly what I have been dealing with so long

  16. sativa’s give you a mental high and cause attacks and indica’s give you the relaxed body high.

    i had a attack once myself but my friends calmed me down saying “dude its just the pot try not even think about it thats the only way it’ll stop” and it helped.

    the heartattack feeling of it is the worst. so to kind off prevent it you should either smoke indica strains (google your strain for %) or get yourself mentally straight and be in a happy enviroment where you dont get to much thinking going

  17. do you have an email or something, i want to ask some questions…:)

  18. TheOrangeSublime3 Reply March 7, 2013 at 3:55 am

    What kindof weed is good for not having the anxiety?

  19. Last time my body got super numb and my head felt like it was gonna explode, then i passed out and woke up all confused with my sister asking if i was okay. lmfao Wtf was wrong with me ?

  20. When i smoked weed for the first time it was Exotics and it made me trip odeee… I came from outside and it was like me slamming door put me in a different mindset, like it triggered my mind and when i sat down the bright light from the tv made my head move in like a circular motion til it made me dizzy. then the floor was shaking and it fucked me up pretty bad. i also cried cause i was like that i dont wanna be high no more. Would you say it was because of the type of weed it was? and the pull

  21. The same thing happened to me man it sucks so much !

  22. Or you can quit smoking weed. the whole point of smoking is so you can relax. Kinda defeats the purpose if your trying to keep your self from freaking out the whole time.

  23. I smoked for 2 years and i remember having a panic attack sober one time over something, soon thereafter i had a panic attack when i smoked too much bud. You got to take control of your mind. Weed is gonna make you uptight for about the first 30 minutes
    anyway. Embrace the feeling and learn to deal with it. I deal with anxiety daily and have become more reclusive but i realized that you have to control your thoughts because YOU’RE the only one who can.

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