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Anxiety Disorder Treatment – how to treat anxiety (My Story)

Anxiety Disorder Treatment - how to treat anxiety (My Story)

Anxiety Disorder Treatment – how to treat anxiety (My Story) Read my story below… It was after college when I started to feel panic and anxiety and depression and pretty much everything that comes with it. I felt like I had been stripped of my livelihood, I felt hopeless, I felt alone. When I implemented the technique, I went from having between 5 and 10 panic attacks a day and sleepless nights to ZERO panic attacks and, sound, refreshing sleep…IN JUST TWO DAYS! Anxiety disorders and panic attacks ARE NOT MENTAL ILLNESSES THEY ARE BEHAVIORAL CONDITIONS and ANXIETY IS THE EMOTION OF FEAR and they’re caused by a tiny change in the way the brain handles anxiety signals from the sensory organs. This simple solution doesn’t smother you with many, anxiety/ panic attacks / disorder reduction techniques…IT JUST OFFERS ONE METHOD THAT WORKS! It can be completed form the comfort of home, and doesn’t require hours of listening to anxiety or panic reduction CDs or doing exercises. The symptoms of anxiety disorder are so real and so frightening that they can cause us to become scared and wrought with anxiety and panic attacks, BUT, they are just sensations sent out from an anxious mind! I don’t like the terms anxiety disorder or panic disorder, your increased anxiety isn’t actually a disorder (the word disorder suggests illness, panic attacks and anxiety are NOT illnesses!). If you foresee a future for yourself that is light years away from any of the horrible daily feelings
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Many times intense anxiety can lead to self-injury, in an attempt to calm the chaos inside your head. This is a short term solution to a long term problem, and in the end it only creates more problems to deal with anxiety in this way. Like me on facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: www.twitter.com

24 Responses to “Anxiety Disorder Treatment – how to treat anxiety (My Story)”

  1. @xsullengirlx do you mind talking? Like through direct message here on YouTube?

  2. Dear unicornsarescary, I have extreme anxiety also. I cut and still go to school, though. A doctor can get you a medication for anxiety. This medicine is also an anti-depressant, btw.

  3. unicornsarescary Reply March 6, 2013 at 10:41 pm

    I get really bad anxiety in school and if i don’t cut i get so anxious i can’t go. Anyone got any tips to help me cope with my anxiety without cutting?

  4. Self-injury is like putting a bandaid on an infected wound: it helps in temporarily hiding the underlying problem, but it’s not going to get rid of it. The infection will spread and over time you will need more and more bandaids to hide it..

  5. The way you describe self-injury at one point in this video made me think of sex addiction…where you are addicted to the orgasm because of the calming affect that follow the rush of natural chemicals into your body. And people seem to be more understanding with sexual addiction than they are with those who self-injure (as in, they judge self-injurers more harshly and have less sympathy for them). Using this comparison as an example might help others grasp what it can be like to cut oneself.

  6. Hi, I’m trying to recover from SI myself, and think I’m doing pretty well. If anyone wants a chat, feel free to pm me.

  7. And I feel like I don’t have the mental energy to find healthier strategies. I need to put a plan in place before things get too bad again.

  8. Thank you for yet another wonderful video. I remember when my self injury was quite bad about 2 years ago, it started off small, but as the effects lessened, the cutting got worse. It was like my mind needed more of it to numb/switch off. Recently, I have been feeling these urges again, as I’m going through quite a tough time at the moment. But I know from previous experience that this is a dead end road. But I also know that it worked for me in the past.

  9. I agree with you. In case you didn’t watch the video (not sure if you did or not) I said pretty much the same thing, just in a much more long-winded fashion 🙂 Thanks for your comment and hopefully people do realize what you (and I) are saying here is the truth, based on experience. Take care 🙂

  10. If you’re self-injuring, GET HELP!

    Meds will help reduce urges, but ultimately you’ve got to change the tapes you play inside your head. It’s that stinkin’-thinkin’ that leads us down these bad roads.

    Though I (& others) didn’t realize it at the time, my “anger issues” that led me to hit stuff (walls, poles, whatever) many years ago were really self-injury…. Should have been obvious – I’d always “hit stuff” until I hurt myself…

    All better once I learned to properly handle internal dialog

  11. fair enough. i only did it the once , but i made such a bloody mess of my arm (pun intended) and it didn’t any of the awful frustration away that i never did it again. unfortunately the anxiety grew into a full-time state inbetween the panic. anti-depressants helped me turn the corner, but recently (and this is why i visited this page) they’ve begun to make their insidious presence felt, probably as a delayed reaction to the death of my mum x

  12. Onegathers, self harm isn’t the same for everyone, it doesn’t affect people in the same way. So while it may cause anxiety in you, in some people it calms anxiety.

  13. self injury doesn’t make the anxiety disappear, it makes it worse. at the start of a breakdown in my 20’s i sliced my left arm open with a stanley knife and it didn’t solve anything; au contaire i had to go to a&e to have over 20 stitches. the worst came after that…..

  14. I don’t really care about that self injury creates more problems when I get anxiety attacks, it makes me not kill myself, so.

  15. can someone help me? im doing a uniqe research about “self-harm and youtube”. im looking for participants (ages 12-18).
    the research will start in a few months, and i’m collecting people who will agree to participate in it.
    as a participant, you will have to watch a movie on the net and fill a questionnaire. nothing more.
    Notice that your participation is completely anonymous, and the only detail I have to know about you is your age and gender.
    anyone who can help- pls msg me

  16. I have bpd and i dont do self injury probably because my mum gave me so much love when i was child and now i love my body, but i have other unhealthy methods to temporarily repress stress like addiction to sugar, energy drinks, wasting money…And attention seeking, when stress pop out i am trying to show the world how depressed i am, i am starting to dont take care about hygiene, school marks, shortly i am showing the world how fucked up i am. sorry for bad eng

  17. Does meditation help BPD sufferers to deal with anxiety?

  18. Life is beginning to seem like my worst enemy…. Thanks for the video 🙂

  19. Well i am glade i am not the only one. i would tell you a little about myself but i couldn’t start it and i couldn’t end it so yeah. but thanks for the vid

  20. Disagreeing a little bit with the idea of “the more you self injure, the more you need”. I cut myself to stop pain and make myself numb, but every time I did it was like I gained a permanent measure of numbness. A tiny investment of less and less feeling. Now things happen and I barely care, I don’t need to cut (much) anymore. Probably more the result of experience (and horrible physical pain of indescribable horribleness from something unrelated), but still.

  21. Your videos really help me.

  22. @xsullengirlx Thank you so much for this video! It’s always good to hear from someone who has experienced this and is in the process of recovering. I have been wanted to tell someone about all these thoughts but I’m so scared to. What would you do if you were me?

  23. @xsullengirlx thank you for this video. It’s always good to hear what other people who are recovering have to say. I want to tell someone about this but I’m so scared too. What would you do if you were me?

  24. Interesting to hear from someone who experiences this behavior and the feelings that cause it – I have wondered about this as a registered nurse and had difficulty understanding it.

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