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Asperger’s Syndrome Documentary

This short documentary about Asperger’s Syndrome shown on TV in 2005 is about me, I have mild Asperger’s Syndrome. I was diagnosed in 2002. I knew I was different from the age of about 6 years old, hypotheses included – the reincarnation of King David or Pliny the Elder, a left behind Space Alien and finally mild autism (after seeing a TV documentary). Other pupils were loud and ran around randomly, while I preferred a mature intellectual life. I became interested in astronomy/science ~3 years old, so I’m told, it was my interests that made me stand out in school. Later on in primary school, I became fascinated by mineralogy too. I found it difficult not to talk about my hobbies, one time I stopped taking for a week or two after the summer holidays, because I knew if I talked … the bullies would again realise I was different and the bullying would start again. I was bullied badly, sometimes beaten up, for years. Bullying mostly stopped in secondary school as I found a group to hang around with. In 1987, at 14, I went to an astronomy lecture, but due to the excitement of it all I had a panic attack and I had to leave (a panic attack over astronomy?). This began over a decade of anxiety & panic attacks and increased reclusiveness, which I completely overcame in 1998. Perhaps due to my bad experience with Astronomy, I turned to Mineral collecting. One of isolating aspects of Asperger’s is, we tend to talk at people not with people. However, in 1998, I did a 6 week

A video about stress and I how I irrationally worry about things I shouldn’t like fires, earthquakes, and vaccinations. Follow me on Tumblr: thatzak.tumblr.com Follow me on Twitter www.twitter.com Like me on Facebook: www.facebook.com 2nd channel: www.youtube.com Podcast: nefariousfauxpod.podbean.com

50 Responses to “Asperger’s Syndrome Documentary”

  1. While his comment was horrible, stooping to his level isn’t the answer. Bigotry of any kind is never justified

  2. bronies…

  3. imlpying you know what it’s like to have asbergers syndrome

  4. lol u r al retairds

  5. Thanks Pinkie.

    Funny thing is that I´m actually overly emotional and I recognize emotions easily, even when people are hiding them. It´s not all true what they say. Not all people with that syndrome are like that.

  6. Implying you know what it’s like to not have Asperger’s..

  7. shut the fuck up cum ass eating faggot

  8. got diagnosed when i was 14

  9. Lol are you mad?

  10. cool

  11. mattiasheartwood Reply March 7, 2013 at 4:04 am

    Yeah ive got, aspburgers, and its, pretty bad I was diagnosed when I was 3

  12. You and me both. I was 1st or 2nd in my class always, but people thought I was weird, or retarded if they didn’t see the scores.

    A lot of girls liked me, and that didn’t cut to well with the males. I’m not saying I’m some self absorbed person, but growing up I had a mini cult following of females. This was due to the fact that I never gave into flirt, I was a mystery box that nobody opened, and they wanted to be first.

    In the end, it was a Aspie female that won the prize hehe.

  13. oh right sure, aspies are “sociopaths”. YEP you better hide for cover from the kid who cares for people and prefers responsibility and peace vs. partying and living the conceded “Y.O.LO.” shit. YEP, you better watch out aspies are all out ta kill ya and getcha ya! ( BTW this is entirely insultive sarcasm )

  14. Vax R made from lab-altered genetically engineered pathogens grown (cultured) in animal blood, animal tissue, chicken embryos & aborted human fetal cells. Vax cultures R preserved with neurotoxins such as mercury (thimerosal), formaldehyde, phenol, aluminum, & MSG. These toxins R directly injected into babies, children & adults, bypassing the Th1 immune system (the bodies built-in filters: cilia, tonsils, skin)

  15. Proteins & oils in vax enter body by way of effraction (injections breaking skin) bypassing digestive tract where they would normally be processed. Body’s Th2 immune system responds by over-producing antibodies, which in turn cause the high number of allergies in so many people today. Paul Harvey reported on girl who died after her boy friend had kissed her. Why? He had just eaten peanut butter sandwich & she was allergic to peanut butter. Just coincidence peanut oil used as adjuvant in vax? No.

  16. Childhood vax R the first assault on normal functioning of the body creating neurological damage & debilitating (not strengthening) the immune system. Vax, frequently given in “cocktails” as in MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) & PCV (13 pneumococcal strains) subject children to multiple viral combinations that would never be found together in natural setting. Children today following CDC (Big Pharma controlled) recommends R “jabbed” with poison vax 100 times by age 6.

  17. With repeated vax the damage caused can lead to developmental problems, auto-immune disease, sudden infant death- (SIDS), autism & more. 1 out of 5 children in USA now has “special needs” including learning disabilities, attention-deficit disorders, autism-spectrum disorders & behavioral issues & have created whole new market 4 prescription drugs. Polio & small pox were NOT eradicated by vax. In fact, rate of both diseases INCREASED following vax intended to prevent them.

  18. Small pox & infectious disease declined with improved water & sanitation, fresher food by way of transportation & refrigeration. Polio, product of radiation & chemical age persists under many new names. Contrary to popular belief- parents R NOT legally obligated to vax children. Most states allow religious, philosophical, medical exemptions 4 school & day-care. Just W. Virginia & Mississippi exception. Could destroy entire generation with this grotesque superstition.

  19. People with apsergers do have empathy and can be very caring people. I understand the fear that some people have of other that are clumsy and awkward in their communication. People who are clumsy in their social interaction with the opposite sex may be mistakenly thought of as a stalker or someone who could potentially embarrass them. It is not an absence of empathy. I suppose that you on the otherhand are a kind and warm humanbeing with an abundance of empathy and understanding (sarcasm).

  20. Everyone with aspergers is a nerd and a fucking idiot

  21. aspies/autistic faggots are sociopaths with varying degrees of ulterior deficiencies.

    they’re worthless, dangerous drones

  22. go away you self absorbed wanker

  23. First off the reason why aspies sometimes grow up to do these thing is because close minded assholes like you bullying kids like this, if you would just treat them with respect so they do not become insane and we would have less shootouts, I have handheld a fire arm before and I had no intention of causing a shoot out.

  24. I have aspergers and I feel perfectly normal, But when I was growing up I found it hard to socialize with other people but I was the smartest in my class, because have perfect memory, I can remember the early days of my childhood to the point where I can relive them, I have lots of friends now though because I did not let it bring me down.

  25. These people are beautiful people in their own unique way. I do not think we should put labels on people to avoid condusion and racism. Giving people medical names only will distance them from ‘normal’ people from society while they need to be understood and integrate in normal life. I guess God has made us all different to show that we are all beautiful with our own talents and ‘mistakes’. And to Jesus it doesn’t matter who are how we are but wat kind of person we are, and if our heart is pure.

  26. Aaaaaand scrolling down, I’ve seen you’ve already been addressing this. Rookie mistake. I shall drag my horse carcass elsewhere.

  27. I’m stressed out by you in the mirror. Or any YouTuber that has a reflection of them vlogging behind them. It breaks a wall for me. Might even be the fifth wall at this point; media’s gone too meta for me to hash this one out with confidence.

  28. That kind of thing isn’t distracting to me, but I should have anticipated that it would be an issue for others.

  29. Good!! You should flaunt your assets… heehee pun intended

  30. I find that when vlogging, I prefer to be alone and I find reflections to be distracting whether they be mirrors, a viewfinder, or a lens. I guess that just personal preference. I wouldn’t call the choice to film where there’s a mirror to be a mistake, but I do believe that it was an interesting one. I’m sorry that the reaction to it was not what you intended or expected, but the thought behind it is an important one.

  31. Yes, of course I knew about it. I decided to keep it because I think it demystifies and pulls back the curtain to show what the vlogging process is like. I thought people would think it’s interesting. Turns out people found it unnerving and it makes them aware of just how lonely vlogging is. I won’t be making that mistake again, but I think the reaction has been a bit ridiculous.

  32. Did you seriously consider the mirror before you started filming, or did you not notice it until afterwards? I can’t imagine you had no idea, so you must have filmed it that way on purpose knowing that everyone would be staring at your reflection, right? So I ask you, to what end?

  33. Thanks, I’ll be sure to flaunt it in my daily life.

  34. I might have also looked at your ass a couple of times too…it’s very nice by the way

  35. Maite Baldassarre Reply March 7, 2013 at 1:45 pm

    You are not paying much attention to your surroundings lately… ?

  36. It’s not that easy!

  37. Don’t worry, be happy!

  38. have you ever played Dead space?

  39. Awesome.

  40. 2:00 He just kicked a home-run? I see what you did there.

  41. whitestripesiluv Reply March 7, 2013 at 5:14 pm

    I love your videos.

  42. Dude dudeeeee baking soda! Works as an extinguisher as well. I have also never related to someone so strongly before. I had a mental clock that reminded me every day when my next vaccination was.

  43. Coffeeisnecessarynow Reply March 7, 2013 at 6:24 pm

    I was continuously looking at your bum in the mirror! #I’mNOTGAY :O

  44. Yes.

  45. I live on the ring of fire, where the hell do you hide under in a movie theater?!

  46. Are they nice?

  47. Im guna send you a video of my parents wedding

  48. You have boobs

  49. Chrisindapurplehouse Reply March 7, 2013 at 9:43 pm

    I’ve been on fire before I was also nearly blown up twice

  50. Baking soda works too.

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