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We all need to follow Doctors orders. Everyone is different. Some people need to be on this drug. prescription drugs benzodiazepine withdrawal benzo benzos anxiety medication benzowithdrawal Xanax Valium anxiety depression suffering vomiting panic attacks sick Benzodiazepine benzo withdrawal ativan valium xanax klonopin librium


  1. should pass on all drugs! Those drugs you are talking about are nothing to mess with. You’ll end up dead or retarded…

  2. i tryed half of 10mg oxycodone 5 days ago and just got myself 15 xanax 2mg.
    i was about to try 0.25mg (1/4 of the pill) but this drug seems too strong..imma pass on those

  3. YEP!!

  4. thank you!!!!

  5. ok, I will!

  6. thank you!

  7. Sorry for delay, Yes, first two months are rough. I promise it gets better :)!

  8. absolutely!

  9. thanks for commenting. I hope your withdrawals are minimal. I’m understanding Suboxone depression. I would love to get off myself but, terrible back pain..

  10. keep your head high bruddah! im going through Buprenorphine/subutex/suboxone withdrawals as i type right now!! ive stopped counting days now… just makes it worse. i got arrest when i was 18 for stealing on xanx. shit eats your soul and swallows u whole. good luck man i wish u the best. just remember there is people out here going through similar stuff at the same moment to add to this so subxone caused me epic depression of unimaginable proportions

  11. the prescription pad  is the road to the grave!

  12. I feel great today! Thank you! It will get BETTER for you. please feel free to message me if you need anything.

  13. Thank you for posting this video. I am 2 mo. post Klonopin, prescribed. I am still feeling quite awful and I appeciated it. I hope you are feeling better.

  14. please don’t drink your life away. 1st. I highly recommend a doctor in psychiatry. maybe not exactly prescribe a benzo but a depression / anxiety pill? 2nd. is to see about AA meetings in the area. 3rd counselor at a church or attend church? any or all of these things can benefit your life.

  15. Nope. You can’t mix it with alcohol, Makes you sick as hell.
    A 37 year old brain isn’t going to change a 15 year thought pattern in two years. And it doesn’t help when the stresser keeps coming back, like in PTSD. The mind is an adaptive machine, It slooowly changes to match YOU. That means you need to live well, to live well. You can find good support groups everywhere these days. Lots of them are online so there’s no excuse.
    Wish you well,
    Some guy who already tried that. lol

  16. going by a fake profile i am severe ptsd i was in a 15 year marriage abuse beyond what i can say im now free 2 years my kids are safe im safe but its not over in my head drink isolate everyday is full of flahbacks im not living only existing im desperate i am on nothing considering lorazapam through doc for me i need to numb out just to get through the day watch these videos know the risk but cant drink away my life need help i need help is this ok for me for ptsd female 37

  17. They are easy to get prescribed

  18. tHANK yOU

  19. u DNT GET IT…. u DNT WANNA 

  20. fuck you you got a presciption ,when the docs cut you off then you bought them on the street

  21. never do them every day,once a week is fine.no withdrawls or anything

  22. You can do it man! Continue staying clean and things will get better, I promise! I strongly recommend exercise because it will naturally increase your seritonin levels, and make you feel happier. I used to disregard exercise as an anxiety reliever, but after trying it, I felt great! Seriously man, exercise will make you feel happier, and better about the whole situation.

  23. Oliverhart13, u are a fucking moron.thr half life of the meds make you not start serious wdrwls till about a week or more later.how long has ur grandma benn “off” ? Ugnorant moron !!!!!

  24. Please join us on FB by searching the groups for “Benzdiazepine Withdrawal Youtube Video group”. Hope to see you there! Great videos!

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