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Healing from Depression/Anxiety – Deep Breathing (Abdominal Breathing) – Part II

A presentation given by Dr. Rayes, Director of HR Mental Wellness Centre. The Centre offers a holistic approach to healing form depression/anxiety (www.mentalwellnessbc.ca) through support groups and one-on-one coaching. This presentation is usually given to new members at the Centre. It provides information on deep breathing and how to use deep breathing to heal from depression overcome panic attacks; improve your physical health and the effectiveness of your immune system; overcome stresses in your life; and be able to make better decisions, and enjoy your life. Thanks to Ron Novak for videotaping this presentation.
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15 Responses to “Healing from Depression/Anxiety – Deep Breathing (Abdominal Breathing) – Part II”

  1. I had a thyroid nodule. It started giving me problems with my deep breathing. I felt like I was not catching my breath through my trachea. And my diaphragmatic breathing was not full.Thank God it was taking out. I started breathing better but then the symptoms came again. The doctor said I’m healing well. That I’m just anxious. It’s not possible to have same symptoms after the surgery. At times I felt my belly was so tight & full of air. But am gonna practice this breathing technic.

  2. Hyperventillation (breathe faster) is bad, but deep breathing improves your mood. Just try it. Exhale very slowly first, then take a deep breath, and repeat the process. You will notice that you become relaxed.
    Have a look at the book, Mental Wellness: A Spiritual Journey by Dr. Hamdy Rayes at Amazon or at this link
    mentalwellnessbc.ca/mental+wellness+centre/about+the+book/20/6/. It has a chapter on stress management that describes this process in detail.

  3. there are may other “experts” who say that deep breathing is bad, and the more we breathe the lower CO2 concentration is in the blood, and the less effectively the body can absorb oxygen. there were also studies done that showed that breathing shallow or deeper did not change levels of oxygen in the blood. but breathing deeper and/or faster decreased CO2, which created shortness of breath.

  4. Well, have you been told about KickAnxietyByFriday? (Google it). If you are still having trouble with bad panic attacks or general anxiety you should go check out KickAnxietyByFriday (Just google it or maybe add .com to the end?), as they can probably help you get rid of your anxiety-panic-specific fear problems fast, as they helped me.

  5. im not sure what the root cause is??my symptoms keep changing as well.nowadays its me thinking i haVE A problem rather than the situation causing me to have a attack—example during the night time when im driving –i am aware that i had a an anxiety attck so this triggers the anxiousness rather than the dark nite being the trigger.so my question is how do i make my mind think i can control it and i should not be too anxious??also when i go to new places im always trying to get out?

  6. Evidently, it this sysmptoms are due to anxiety. If you address the root causes of anxiety, these symptoms will disappear. In my book, Mental Wellness: A spriritual Journey discusses how to relieve stresses and make you at eases these symptoms.
    If I can of any help please let me know.

  7. ps:i also seem to have some weird physical reactions–the feeling that my tongue is really thick and it is blocking my airway passage,i cant even swallow my own saliva.now when i go somewhere i usually look at the exit signs ,since i induce the symptoms when thinking about it –i usually seem to think that im in a plane for long time and there is no exit –then i start panicking again.jalso-im seeing a therapist now,still not much help.im soo worried i wont be able to go new place at nite

  8. You are welcome. Please look up my book titled,
    Mental Wellness: A Spiritual Journey,
    Find your own way to healing from depression & anxiety.
    You can find it at Amazon or request it from you local library.
    All the best.

  9. Thank you

  10. ohao………really good.

  11. Thank you Jenn, Please visit our Channel “hrayes” and watch “Mental Healing from depression and anxiety without medication.” which gives an introduction about my new book: Mental Welness: A Spiritual Journey.” You can also download a copy of the introduciton of the book at mentalwellnessbc.ca.

  12. great video

  13. I am a physician and have found your presentation to be of great help for me and my patients. My best wishes.

  14. Thank You!

  15. Excellent! I’ve been working with conscious breathing for many years, and I personally believe that using the breath properly (and drinking water) is the best way of starting any healing of mind/body/spirit.

    Yoga, tai chi, qigong, meditation classes etc. are a great place for most to learn more about breathing.

    I practise conscious breathing every morning, it’s the best start to my day!

    Excellent video presentation and the information offered.

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