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How to Cure Agoraphobia In Anxiety Disorders Linden Method

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “How to Cure Agoraphobia In Anxiety Disorders Linden Method”

  1. You talk a load if s h i t m8 get a fking grio iv been suffering with this for two years now

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  5. I’m offended by the word ‘cure.’


  6. id rather have pain or something than this it drives me nutts to the point where ive been on the floor feeling sick and dizzy cant look at anything for more than a second so im constatly twitchin i should look like arnold schwarzenegger the amount of stupid things i do when im anxious lol

  7. Andera Mcclelland Reply March 7, 2013 at 1:00 am

    Guys, kick away your panic attacks does not need to be hard (I used to think it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Search a panic and anxiety treatment called Zomopanic Eraser (search on google). Seriously, that course has changed my entire life. I probably should not even be talking about it cause I don’t want a bunch of other guys out there running the same “game” but whatever, I am just in a great mood today so I will share the wealth haha.

  8. The links should be working…..don’t understand why there’s a problem?…Linden Method has 100% money no Q asked back guarantee for all his programs

  9. Ordered the program but only one link works. Tried copy and paste. Is this program outdated and I have to contact my credit card company to fight for a refund?

  10. i have agoraphobia to the point ive been stuck in my home for 4 years, there have been a couple times ive gone from one house to the next but nothing to brag about recently i took my first walk to my sis house who lives 3 blocks away i need to find som

  11. I love hearing about people who beat this. It really gives me hope. I can imagine when I beat this I’ll be able to get a job, go on vacations, go for walks, drive, or just go to the grocery store. I’ll never come home lol.

  12. Epic 😀 

  13. Trường Nguyễn Quán Nho Reply March 7, 2013 at 4:02 am

    totally, completely amazing! 

  14. Good Job! :O

  15. Brilliant! 

  16. so do we. Anything that can help improve the quality of one’s life. Thanks for watching.

  17. I love videos like this. 

  18. Subbed, please sub back!

  19. Nice, really good!

  20. I love this !!! *hitsubscribe*

  21. Minh Bảo Phạm Reply March 7, 2013 at 8:10 am

    This may be the single most great video on YouTube.

  22. tahnsk you video really help me

  23. thank you

  24. subbed i loved that.

  25. thank you

  26. Thank you!!

  27. This is great advice, thanks so much

  28. MisterBlueSky1000 Reply March 7, 2013 at 1:22 pm

    Well you, me and each person really are unique – because no one else could be you. If someone else were to replace you in your life, then they’d be living their life, not yours. Only you can live your life, and bring your own unique perspective. In this sense, each one of us is precious and no one is replaceable.

  29. Sometimes when i feel that my self esteem is going downhill i play guitar, video games, i take my mind off completely so that I can rest my subconscious, and feed it with positive information afterwards.
    having a hobby helps a lot.

  30. Before i go to sleep i reflect on my day and go through what i can improve

  31. ur so cute

  32. skittlesbritamerica Reply March 7, 2013 at 3:22 pm

    I don’t compare myself, but my relative compare me to little girl’s that can hear because I couldn’t hear when I was little girl

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  34. Every morning, I tell myself that I am beautiful. I think I want to add “I am valuable, I set trends, and I am one of a kind” into my daily affirmation.

  35. You’d be surprised what confidence and positivity can do for your popularity.

  36. TheGajananshinde Reply March 7, 2013 at 6:11 pm

    Great tips thanks for this treasure………….

  37. ThankYou!!!

  38. But you are willing to change? When I started to try and find good things about myself I couldnt find anything till I realized that WANTING to change was good. I started off with that. “I want to change.” When it got comfortable for me to say that I went to “I will change.” that became my next affirmation. After being able to acknowledge what I LIKE to DO I was able to recognize the good I CAN do. Then what I can do turned into what I am.I AM changing.

  39. Thaaaaaanks this was really positive and helpful. Peace!

  40. search youtube for “10 great tips to increase brain power”

  41. finaly i have left toxic relatives, been dealing with narsistic cousins. Ever sense i was 16, until now. They have got vloser to my father, that means they can, influence him, by telling him what I should do.. Enough is enough!

  42. MrAussiebloke12345 Reply March 7, 2013 at 8:51 pm

    That apple looks really good

  43. Place a dollar amount on yourself every day and don’t let other people or negative self talk devalue you! Today I am $1,000

  44. Same here.

  45. Gabriella DeStefano Reply March 7, 2013 at 11:08 pm

    I’ve been bullied my whole life, and I’ve never accepted a compliment, always deny it. I always get reminded of how fat and ugly I am so I tell myself the same.

  46. Thanks for the advice! Much appreciate it!!!This can really help alot of people who are down. You just boosted my self esteem! New life quotations book coming soon…
    Thanks again!
    Kind reagrds,
    Ahmad Yousif

  47. “hahahah whatever”

  48. If you want to improve yourself, you have to change your perspective in life. Check out Proper Income Dot Com, John David is always available to help you, he changed mine

  49. Thanks man, this helps define a lot of ideas I’ve been trying recently.

    Something that’s helped me, was getting onto a routine. Setting reminder alarms for personal improvements with motivational notes attached. But sentence structure is important so it feels like a choice, not chore.

    Currently all my messages are written out as though Mister Torgue from Borderlands 2 is saying it. Because he always make me feel like a BAD*SS MOTHERF*CKER! EXPLOSIONS!!!

  50. After watching this, I feel so much better!

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