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medical marijuana and anxiety

medical marijuana and anxiety

anxiety, panic attacks, prozac, medical marijuana, blue dream
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25 Responses to “medical marijuana and anxiety”

  1. I understand that all too well bro, 2 years ago i sent that msg on here & im still going through the same ordeal, my doctor prescribed me some citalopram to help with the anxiety but now i don’t wanna touch ANY drugs! even if they are prescribed, i still go to an anxiety group from time to time but the only thing thats really been helping me is clean diet & exercise 5x a week, no chocolate, no caffeine, id say i feel 40% better since diet & exercise but i still dont feel 100% maybe i never will!

  2. I used to be able to travel around the world, give speeches and presentations in front of big rooms full of people, and lots of other things normal people could do. I was a stoner, and thought it was maybe the solution to the world’s problems. One day a huge panic attack hit me after smoking a fat one, felt like my soul was being sucked through a black hole into hell. It’s been over 8 years. Now I can hardly leave my home town, and have a hard time being social with just a few people

  3. damn dude, same deal with me. It’s bullshit that there isn’t more research about marijuana and anxiety. I hear of lots of people getting trouble from it, but most people are embarrassed to say it since everyone talks about weed being the best drug ever. The way the anxiety has made me feel I wouldn’t wish on my worse enemy. Living hell is what’s its been

  4. ChampionOfYOURFace Reply March 6, 2013 at 10:51 pm

    weed helped me so much I HAVE gad and it makes life alot harder but weed helped me so much CBD have anti anxiety and pills like ssris and benzos have devastating side effects

  5. Hey I’m sorry to hear about your condition. I too have extremely high anxiety and panic attacks. They tried putting me on Celexa and I had even more panic attacks. If you smoke pot for anxiety don’t expect it to help for the first couple days. You need to progressively smoke more and more or eat edibles to get your tolerance higher, the only way it will help is if you have a higher tolerance but then again everybody is different. Maybe you should give it a try, good luck.

  6. i suffer from cronic anxiety disorder, and i take Antidepression pills to help controle my panic attacks, but the medication. and i know its not good for my health.
    do you guys think i should smoke weed insted ? would weed realy help for Anxiety disorder or not realy ?


  7. the key is getting the right dose, right strain & right time for medicating. for me, very mild dose of blue dream in oral olive infused form works the best.

  8. it’s really a psycoactive drug, it depends on how you are at the moment you take it. i’m sure you’re not the same guy at 40 than you were at 20 right? well, I don’t know for sure but in 15-20 years one experiences a lot of things that make them change, they mature, etc. the effect can really depend on unconscious thoughts, it goes that deep. But maybe it’s due to something else, who knows.

  9. Similar situation for me. I smoked weed from the age 17-25 and had nothingt but giggles and fun filled nights. Now im 37 and due to muscular tension i started to make infusion with weed to relax my back problems, but am now getting side effects i never expected including anxiety attacks where i think im dying and it seems to highlight every symptom i get making me feel my time here is limited. I really did not expect this after having so many years when i was younger with none of these effects

  10. Well, have you been told about KickAnxietyByFriday? (Google it). If you are still having feelings with bad panic attacks or general anxiety you should go check out KickAnxietyByFriday (Just google it or maybe add .com to the end?), as they can probably help you get rid of your anxiety-panic-specific fear problems fast, as they helped me.

  11. Yeah that’s exactly how it was for me, one night about a year ago I was at a party and some people were smoking some kind of weed oil that was like supposedly 75%THC or something crazy and they offered me some. That night I had my first anxiety attack and I thought I was dieing. Ever since then I have had anxiety problems every time I smoke weed and even when I don’t sometimes. It is very annoying when friends don’t understand. The thing is I used to be able to smoke a shit ton of weed.

  12. I have insomnia and panic/anxiety too, but unfortunately I live in a state with no medical marijuana. Do you know anything about orange kush or ever try it? I heard it works great for insomnia, stress/anxiety. BTW, you seem like a real chill guy.

  13. marijuana just made it worst for me , so i just gave it up. I have less anxiety, but it’s still there( mostly visual symptoms: derealization, visual snow, depersonalization).

  14. After trying modern psychiatry for years and dealing with the side effects of anti depressants and anxiety meds, and yes even anti-psychotics all for anxiety. I’ve decided that I’m through with modern psychiatric medications and I’m going to experiment with this one. Hell of a lot safer.

  15. But Yeah ima light smoker so BLUE DREAM to me is my favorite Strain.

  16. LoL MAN! Trust and beleve. Blue Dream really does the work. When i smoked O.G or Green Crack it just made me feel more paraniod, and couldn’t sleep altho i already feel that way.

  17. i know exactly what u mean.you have to control your thoughts and try to always be positive.i used to let the atacks happen (only 2 time) so i could try control because my pills was so addicting.for me weed is a no-no now.but i really really miss it.i might try it in a year because i now can control my atacks.(sorry for my english it is my third language and i still learn it.)

  18. hi i have heavily used marijuana but recently my perints found out and i told them it helps me with my anxiety and ive been throught therapy and i have been on prozack now im on lexipro i dont really like pills because of the way it makes me feel and when i get older im moving to colorado so i would like some info on how to obtain a medical marijuana card thanks

  19. its soo true it happneed to me too LMAO, but i didnt join a group i just got xanax

  20. i have severe social anxiety and agoraphobia and deppression 

  21. i have anxiety bad to where im perscribed 4 1mg klonopin a day but with marijuana i can keep most pills out of my life!

  22. I LOVE BLUE DREAMS!!! INDICAS are the best for anxiety! The higher the CBN, CBD, and CBC’s the better, not necessarily the THC!

  23. Anyone who hasn’t smoked weed in a while or doesn’t smoke at all and are thinking about smoking it for medical purposes specifically to help with panic attacks should definatly take very low doses of it at first if you’re smoking it take a one or two small hits and wait 30 minutes to see if you feel any different you seriously don’t want to be really high during a panic attack or trigger one by getting high marijuana is like any medicine to much may feel good but you may have some side affects

  24. I feel u man weed helps my anxiety by the way I hate fkn pills and da withdrawals u get frm dem giv marijuana a try ppl.

  25. Me to man!!!!!! and your right about seroquel….you can’t even FIGHT not passing out. I even feel asleep while talking to my brother on sero.. no joke!

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