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My experience with Agoraphobia/Anxiety

My experience with Agoraphobia/Anxiety

The ramblings of braveykat…agoraphobia and anxiety issues…

I’m so tired of suffering with social anxiety, low self esteem and depression
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49 Responses to “My experience with Agoraphobia/Anxiety”

  1. i really related to what you were saying, and De Claire Weeks is the person who helped me recover too. Thanks for making this clip.

  2. It scared me to absolute death. It was 20 times worse than any panic attack I have ever had. My therapist thinks it was an anxiety attack from the medication making me feel weird. I disagree because I have had severe anxiety attacks before and my pulse NEVER goes above 60 even in the worst case scenario. I think it was seratonin syndrome. I know I need to try again though because although I’m better, I still cannot fly and have bad days. My mom has been on Paxil or 10 years and SWEARS by it.

  3. Another principal the Linden Method teaches you and my therapist constantly tells me is about CONSTANTLY researching online and reading about anxiety. You HAVE to stop it completely It is a maintaining behavior. Checking and rechecking to seek reassurance is actually what maintains the anxiety. Lastly, have you taken medication? I took only a 1/2 of a Lexapro at 4pm at work about 2.5 years ago when my anxiety started. 3 hours later I was in the emergency room with a pulse of 150 and BP 180/100.

  4. that consumes your mind. Another important activity I do every day is cardiovascular exercise. The aftermath of running 4-5 miles in the morning is so calming. I started taking yoga once a week last year too, which has been VERY helpful. Also, last winter I started waking up in the middle of the night with EXTREME panic attacks. I started taking melatonin before bed, which literally eliminated them completely and allowed me to sleep deeply and soundly all night.

  5. I’ve worked consistently for the past 11 years. I have definitely had very bad days at work. Things that help me get through the bad days are camomile tea, Ativan and keeping busy. I ordered and read “The Linden Method”, which is an anxiety program. One of his ways to recovery is to literally make an hourly schedule for every day of the week and fill the schedule with stimulating, productive activities. Work is actually one of the KEY ways to recovery, and not any work, but challenging work

  6. how do you pay the bills ? I cant work. I cant get food. If it wasnt for my friend Id be in big trouble. But how do all you pay the bills and get medical care ?

  7. RAZORREVOLUTION1 Reply March 7, 2013 at 2:14 am

    I’ve suffered from these problems for years. I’ve had CBT counselling but nothing has really solved it. I’ve lost great jobs due to this condition and as a result it’s robbed me of a normal life. When people look at me I’ve been told that they see someone who is handsome and confident. However, any confidence projected by me is an act. Having to keep this act up for long periods is impossible for me. I’d do anything to rid myself of this condition, anything.

  8. You’re too pretty to have an anxiety related problem, but I know it can happen.

  9. am only 18 years old and have only be suffing from anxitey attacks for a few months but i am already scared to leave my house, thank u so much for putting this video on it made me feel a bit better :0

  10. i have to suffer i drive big rig and i miss alot of work due to panic attack , i could make 75k if i didnt miss so much work . God help us all

  11. peacefulblonde39 Reply March 7, 2013 at 4:40 am

    God, I hope so. Last week I left the house two days. YEA, two days in a row. I went shopping with my husband for the first time in over 2 years. Lets pray 2012 is a better year for us both!

  12. Oh Michele, I know how you feel 🙁 Here’s to positive change in the New Year! 🙂

  13. Thanks for your comment and for watching, I hope the New Year brings us Peace! 🙂

  14. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been going through a terrible time with severe anxiety and panic attacks for the past two years. Its really helpful to know there are others out there.

  15. I know exactly how you feel… thankyou so much for sharing.. god bless

  16. this is so hurd..and so pain :(( i don t know how more ….

  17. peacefulblonde39 Reply March 7, 2013 at 8:39 am

    This is the first video I have looked up on agoraphobia. I have left my hime 2 times in our a year and a half.
    I feel the same as you do, although mine started in 99. In 09 it started crippling me. ARGH!!!! ~ Michele

  18. stripthatfatweightlo Reply March 7, 2013 at 8:51 am

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  19. Evangelist Anita Fuentes Reply March 7, 2013 at 9:06 am

    People are trying to profit off of those who are suffering. I used to suffer from anxiety, panic, ocd, agarophobia and fear of death for years. Check out my channel to see how I got free and no longer bound to those chains. God bless

  20. Eay my poop(:

  21. YUP totally agree!

  22. I agree with ptangboy

  23. im thinking that desensitizing and meditation is the way to go

  24. I feel better staying out the way as much as I can. Its the conditions we live in that are only getting worst and as long as they continue so will the anxiety for everyone. All else is just a patchwork cure. The root problem is the environmental setup. Until that changes it will only be the same if not worst as a whole. Be strong read Jacque Fresco

  25. Well for me I say we are not born with it per say, it instead comes from our screwed up environment/society and all the trash we are subjected to.

  26. TeamPeanutButterTV Reply March 7, 2013 at 12:56 pm

    disrespect barney! do u know how hard it is 2 hav SAD? its wen ppl fear of being judged & thn u go & judge him? shame on u bitch

  27. ur so fuckn annoying

  28. Primeiro Último Reply March 7, 2013 at 1:21 pm


  29. The good thing is you see something is wrong. There are people out there to talk to and resources you can find that are available to you. You might need to be on meds, your story sounds very familiar to my brothers. I would also suggest reading self-help books, “The Power of Now” is a good book and working on your thoughts and energy through meditation

  30. I like it how you make it sound like you were minding your own business and then smack out of nowhere anxiety hits, because thats exactly how it is. I think my biggest fear with social anxiety is people discovering that i have social anxiety. Not the disorder because that is not well understood by most but the misconseption that its a sign of weakness. If those people went through what I do every time I get groceries and go to work they would never accuse me of weakness. But rather the contrary.

  31. you need to heal! stuff that happenes to you usus remains dormant then pops up in the form of depression… you need to talk to some one and get help w/ what happened to you

  32. so compared to you im a major wimp…. anywho my relationship w. God is helping me with my anxiety and it feels so good to call on his name…. all you have to do is let him in.

  33. wow had no idea you were molested and abused as a child….sometimes I feel the way you do..and i havent been abused at all… >__> idk my life was okay… but i just want u to know..ur not a monster.. God loves you…..

  34. yes i relate……. i feel if id just be my bubbly talkative self..I;d feel like its not b/c Ive been shy soo long.

  35. “What’s a black man without his paranoia intact?” – Dave Chapelle

  36. I love being weird!Everyone calls me freaky creepy and weird!And even worse…I take it as a compliment who wants to be normal???

  37. yep…im Full of anxiety too…In many ways its hard to relate to people…

  38. sorry for spamming your video, I just was extremely suicidal state today, I took a whole container of amoxicillin, some Tylenol’s and Advil’s, and I was trying to hit myself in the temple with brass knuckles trying to give myself a brain hemorrhage…I knocked myself out and woke up 2 hours later.

    I was looking up online what will happen because of all the drugs I took and I stumbled upon your video.

    I guess it made me feel better knowing it is a disorder and not that I’m a failure. Thank you

  39. so I life my life my whole life trying to be peaceful and helpful, and polite and kind, but everyone in my life uses me as an easy escape goat. When every something gets broken “AJ DID IT!” When ever something gets stolen “AJ DID IT!” When ever someone was getting yelled at for anything “AJ DID IT”

    AND EVERYONE INSTANTLY BELIEVED THEM. I have been yelled at soooo much in my life for things I have not done I no longer care about anything at all.

  40. They assume it has to be true because why else who EVERYONE know about it??

    So the people who raised me (i had a really bad childhood, wasn’t raised by my parents) believed it all, my teachers, my principal, EVERYONE in my life believed that I wrecked and broke everything and was a chronic lier because I NEVER would admit to what I did wrong.

    In fact I got in more trouble for NOT ADMITTING than I did for what ever I was blamed for.

    Yeah I smashed that lamp on the back of my head, I admit it!

  41. I had a really really bad childhood and I was mis treated by almost EVERYONE in my life. My cousins where all rich brats, and my family was all broke, and so they blamed me for everything. I MEAN EVERYTHING, and everyone believed it every time.


    So people lie to other people, those people assume its true and spread it to more, then so many people hear it

  42. When you talk about being on the bus and you for some reason feel they can see INTO YOUR being and can see everything you have done, and have done to you that is how I feel about everyone.

    When I meet a stranger I have never known before I cannot deal with them because in the back of my mind I feel as if they seeing inside me judging me as being a stupid loser failure. I can’t keep a job, I can’t keep friends, I can’t keep anyone in my life

  43. I have the same exact problems. Every time I hear someone laugh I assume it’s because of me. Every time people stop talking when I walk into a room I assume it is because they where just talking negatively about me. Every time someone fails to pick me up, or call me when they said they would I think it is because they did it intentionally because they are just laughing behind my back and just pretending to be my friends.

    I can no longer deal with people. I only see the worst in people

  44. The same thing happened to me. I was normal 5 years ago and then things changed.

  45. This illness is very serious and it seems like I have been going through this forever.

  46. I felt like I was the only one in the world going through this. I have similar issues that you have. I also struggle with depression and social anxiety.

  47. kagome higurashi Reply March 7, 2013 at 9:05 pm

    SMH Nice to know that we have compassionate people in this world

  48. if you believe you can or cannot you are right a and you got make the choice.

  49. are gonna stay with your anxiety and believing in your social awkwardness and let take over your life? you know what i believe that everyone of us has his/her own struggles and they seems the biggest shit in the world and in somehow they may ruin our life but the turning point is that we have the choice to overcome our struggles and live happy or cry over spilled milk. we gotta believe and have confident in our selves and change the negative thoughts in our minds.

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