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Overcome Mental illness with CBT

Overcome Mental illness with CBT

Dr Linda Papadopolous explains the effective treatment CBT, gives examples of how it works and an insight to what illnesses it helps tackle. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is an evidence based therapy that has proven its success. It is becoming more widely used and its effects are profound. It helps with depression, anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, bipolar, schizophrenia, post traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders and many many more. Please pay attention and enquire about CBT with your doctor or therapist. This video has been brought to you by the UK based charity Keep Smilin – feedback welcome on the site ­čÖé
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How to overcome fear and anxiety podcast

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20 Responses to “Overcome Mental illness with CBT”

  1. It is greatly offensive to me to hear people are mentally ill when in reality they are cognitively scared…not insane but being baddgered in the toxic enviorment. I also hate pro toxic med doctors……..you type doctors should be killed on your condemned meds….via´╗┐ legal force feeding of zyprexa etc…..

  2. Evidence based therapy? Lets face we are easy medicare money´╗┐ for health care providers.

  3. ur´╗┐ hot.

  4. Hooorraaaayyyyy!!!!…. I don’t need´╗┐ to go back to CBT. It was doing nothing!! I was offered EFT tho !!!!.. Poke yourself in the face till you feel better ?….Nooooo thanks. I wasted a lot of time a few years ago on that nonsense.

  5. Ooooohhh!!!…..Don’t get nippy!!…lol. I wasn’t picking a fight….However , I do not subsribe to your view that you have´╗┐ to believe in something for it to work. If it works….it works…..THEN you can believe in it. I find it difficult to understand how psychological treatments can be scientifically proven. If it manages to kick the “Positive thinking” person…and improves them…then that is fabulous…BUT , the same success rate could be reported from any religious group.

  6. CBT is not the only treatment for psychological disorders. But if you dont believe in CBT or in psychologists, you is one of a lot of people that go to psychologists and never change, because dont believe in nothing. Most of psychological treatments are´╗┐ scientifically proven a lot of times. If some treatment isnt proven scientifically should not be using with clients

  7. Really glad to hear that ­čÖé would´╗┐ you mind writing us a testimonial? you can remain anonymous?

  8. Hi, I think that’s a really good start. CBT doesn’t work for everybody, but it is really effective if done properly. Did you do it inline´╗┐ with medication?

  9. Hi Pukeachu -CBT is most effective with anxiety disorders including phobias. If done properly a lot of people don’t experience and come backs of anxiety´╗┐ -it normally eradicates it or as a minimum makes it alot more manageable

  10. Thanks´╗┐

  11. Ola and As-Salamu Malaykam;

    Well-executed vid; that was´╗┐ one of the most clear descriptions of CBT I’ve encountered. How well has it worked for panic disorder/mild agoraphobia?

  12. I’ve tried meds with horrible side effects.I can’t take them.CBT hasn’t done much for me either,except make me fell worse.Maybe we should just accept ourselves the way´╗┐ we are?

  13. CBT has helped me come off medication for Bipolar/Schizophrenia. It´╗┐ changed my life. I am extremely grateful for it. ­čśÇ

  14. CBT is nonsense. Dr Linda is a fox´╗┐ tho huh?

  15. i love you´╗┐ video thank you x

  16. Please feel free to comment on this video – it would be´╗┐ great to have people’s thoughts.

  17. My best friend (‘spiritus’) always crushes´╗┐ panic for me!!!!! >:]

  18. check out two items- FeartoFreedom1- and also Mooji who says basicly – sit and watch the feelings as if you are an observer and let them come and go. I have also heard´╗┐ if you have a person who can be with you while you do this and then try alone for longer peroids of time.

  19. guys check out my video – fear is denial of the reality due to lack of forbearance, understand what i mean thru clicking´╗┐ on my new account

  20. Alcohol is the worst thing to increase the Anxiety.
    My panic attack came after having two different tablets,, one for anxiety and other for blood,, to keep migraine…… after taken them …had a´╗┐ nape… woke up like a zombie….emergency,,, hospital…. after 3 days lm still unwell….

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