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RIP Amanda Todd. Teen suicide prevention. My experience.

Watched Amanda’s video and felt heartbreak so wanted to make a video sharing my experiences with anxiety, depression & panic attacks. I want to show people that there is help and it DOES get better.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

FREE eReport: www.centerofoneness.org 11 Signs of Spiritual Awakening, explanations, & solutions 1. Major setbacks in life 2. Unexplained aches & pains 3. Weight out of control 4. Anxiety symptoms & panic attacks 5. Emotional roller coaster 6. Persistent choked feeling/ “lump in throat” 7. Exhaustion/ can’t sleep 8. Feeling lost or something is missing 9. Seeing/ Sensing non-physical entities 10.Lack of concentration & forgetfulness 11.Flu-like symptoms

48 Responses to “RIP Amanda Todd. Teen suicide prevention. My experience.”

  1. this happend in second grade but i had the courage to tell my teacher and it all ended these videos gave me the courage to do that.

  2. May I ask what meds the doctors put you on?

  3. great video my friend!

  4. KalidoniaTaylor3 Reply March 6, 2013 at 10:54 pm

    such an inspiring video and you’re right, it does get better! Glad you’re happy and living life to the fullest. Even though I do not know you this video and yourself, have my respect! well done! 🙂 <3

  5. it does get better

  6. July 2nd, 2012 is the day my panic disorder started :(. I’m not gonna lie, I cried like a baby during this.

  7. amazing!! i salute you a million times! can you check out my tribute on stop bullying please. look up mikedollamusic. thank you

  8. this video it’s so amazing!! made me cry ..good job!! :)<3

  9. Reasons2AvoidSuicide Reply March 7, 2013 at 1:13 am

    Why you ignoring my channel? DO you car? Seems no one cares about the importan thing if I am here why not visit me

  10. WannabeAesthetic Reply March 7, 2013 at 1:41 am

    I’m so overwhelmed with all these positive responses! Thank you everyone so much! It’s AMAZING! Follow me on twitter if you have any questions! @_Rowlz

  11. wouldhug/10

  12. You’re soo cute ;) amazing video

  13. thelifeofmineforyou1 Reply March 7, 2013 at 2:18 am

    This made me cry. You are such an inspiration. I’m so happy for you.
    At time 2:26 in your video, i got filled with joy.
    Good luck(:

  14. This is amazing. It literally brought me to tears. You Andy are so inspirational. :)x

  15. Your the man Andy! Big respect for this <3

  16. mirandabrown1994 Reply March 7, 2013 at 3:42 am

    Very touching. This brought tears to my eyes and brought back a memory from a few summers ago… God Bless You Andy!

  17. You, Sir , are an inspiration .

  18. I have a bad feeling about this , what if you are a molester or …..

  19. Your video is so touching I would like to talk to you please contact me at kfisher1975@live.com

  20. TheBUBBA12345678 Reply March 7, 2013 at 5:27 am

    I don’t know you but i’m soo proud of you!!! It really does get better!

  21. I appreciate you sharing your experience and Congratulations…God is good,God is love and you will get through this and soar lime eagles wings! Jesus loves you enough to die on the cross for you.

  22. congratulations on your achievement. your commitment to help others is amazing

  23. dude this is exactly whats happening to me!! it would sound like my story except im 23…summer last year and all! x) this is amazing these awakenings are incredibly real…were on the same page on this….best best wishes to you man 🙂

  24. ive been seeing 11:11 often as well and I literally had…everything on the list after a recent awakening, it was really fast and dragged peopled I never thought would so the exchange of ideas everything….was a bit too much…and all of the sudden I started to shut down that beautiful feeling and purpose…things were great and then this happened…fortunately the universe just finds a way to speak…and ive been founding this and other information <3 thank you 😀

  25. LOL…yeah, me too…my “Spiritual 40” came on FAST! I really had to learn a new way of eating and living for my new body. Grounding exercises really helped me. What was your experience? Any suggestions for those Awakening?

  26. Wow, I know all about the the whole gaining and losing weight sporadically, unfortunately I have the stretchmarks to prove it now. I

  27. @ reggie taylor I believe it’s Karmic by Warren Bennett…it’s from the Youtube stock audio collection. =)

  28. what’s the name of the song in the background? its very relaxing

  29. I can’t post a link here. If you stop by centerofoneness(dot)org, go to our ‘contact’ page…send me an email for direct contact. Be happy to assist there. =)

  30. @CenterOfOneness : wow i can’t believe i got a response from you, thank you very much..i will definitely look into everything you said, and how may i contact you directly??

  31. It sounds like you’re unconsciously “traveling” in other dimensions. Your physical body is here but your Spirit is not. Can feel weird. U r also channeling energy. Crashing happens when this energy leaves. Grounding exercises can help u become aware. Search online. Alternatively, I have free material on our site centerofoneness(dot)org. Check out the 30-Sec Energy Clearing. It contains info on what’s happening with your physical body. Feel free to contact me directly. =)

  32. Yes. It’s always shocking to the system, isn’t it? =) Glad you are here. Thanks for commenting. You are helping many who are Awakening. 

  33. (3) and its the best feeling in the world where i want to just let everyone know and bring everyone with me, and just when i begin to think that “im there” everything vanishes and i go crashing down again and everything just scatters everywhere, im recently discovering all this about awakening and oneness and everything is kindof starting to make sense, please help me, what are your comments on this, what would u suggest, anything.

  34. (2) there are times when i feel completely lost i have no idea or clue of who i am or where i am mentally, my emotional roller coaster is much more intense then ever, i
    have distanced myself from many many people, i always feel like im not here, but then i also get times when i feel I’m completely here and alive and full of energy and im a shining ball of love and that im completely concious and that i have a huge ridiculously amount of power…

  35. (1) i hope you still check this page…i am a 22 year old guy, and i been having some of these symptoms ever since i can remember, i never knew what i was experiencing i knew i had many question but i didn’t know what to ask i wanted answers but i didn’t know what answers i was seeking, until the summer of last year 2012 i felt the want to begin a road that i didn’t know where it was going to, since then many of these
    symptoms have araise more frequent but with a much higher intensity…

  36. dbdhhd

  37. it happened for me last year. around 15-18 january. first i was very shocked!

  38. If you like science, try looking into Quantum Physics. I personally believe that there are so many ways to understand the magic of this magnificent Universe. It’s about finding what feels good for you. You may also checkout out sound oriented meditations like Tibetan Singing Bowls and Solfeggio Frequencies. You can achieve the same meditative experience as visual/ astral travel meditation using sound. Hope that helps! 😉

  39. How can i ask something that cannot be seen or speak to me? I don’t know how to meditate, I am totally a science fan and I read about the universe and cosmos, the creation of the universe,etc a lot. And these symptoms were here with me since the childhood. I had terrible dreams and horrible nightmares as a child.

  40. Pull this new heightened frequency downward towards Mother Earth. Energetically, anchor yourself firmly into the core of Mother Earth will help you feel better. You can visualize being tied to a big rock/ crystal. Or visualize your feet as tree roots deep into the soil. Headaches are usually pooled new energy in the head area. Pulling it downward helps- even distributed in the body and let it out of your body. Create a channel of flow rather than keeping it inside. ^_^

  41. I will be happy if you help me, because there’s NO ONE here to even know about these stuff, It’s been a long time since I am having a head ache, from mild to severely painful aches bounding my head, and my hair loss is just weird that my Dr says I have never seen such a thing in my life, I have a small bald area on my scalp that it near my crown but a little forward, it’s the second time that it’s happening to me, and this is just one of my may symptoms

  42. I am wondering and it amazes me! I have all these symptoms, exactly as they’re mentioned below. even some more symptomes if they’re related also, I can hear a humming in ym ears most of the time some times that is too loud that I can barely say I can’t hear anything else! and so on.. i have more signs…

  43. with all the financial difficulties going on who is not feeling lost

  44. The only way to develop intuition is through practice. Eventually, you will learn to trust these messages. It’s a matter of distinguishing between thoughts and messages.  I’m re-vemping centerofoneness(dot)org to include a forum for all souls to gather. hope to see you there. you can also connect with me directly on jennifercloake(dot)com/ask-jenn Be happy to help!!! By the way, you do know. Don’t be afraid and start trusting! =) You’re very intuitive…

  45. Hi Miguel, ear buzzing and ringing can be a sign- yes! Typically, when I hear it is when I feel there’s a message for me from Guides and Angels. Their frequency is higher resulting in high pitch sounds or tones. Ask what the message is…Your support team wants to connect with you. It may come in images, words, phrases, or feelings…

  46. You’re getting used to living a life in multi dimensions. The “laziness” will go away, along with exhaustion. We are in touch with our Spiritual bodies in 1/2 asleep state (similar to REM sleep). Essentially, your physical body is getting used to being awake and functional while in that dreamy 1/2 sleep state. Allow yourself plenty of rest. Cut out all unnecessary activities/ events, eliminate drugs, refined sugar, alcohol will all help adjusting to the new cellular composition.

  47. First of all, none of this is stupid. One of the things we learn as we Transform is to love & accept ourselves unconditionally, no matter what. Our physical bodies need sleep but our Spiritual bodies don’t. So, what you’re experiencing is “astral travel” during sleep. You do not need to be conscious of it. Before you fall asleep, ask your Spirit Guides and your Higher Self to help you honor your physical body by sleeping through the night for your highest and best good. ^_^

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