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Schools Try Dogs, Recess to Help Stressed Teens

Stress, anxiety and panic attacks are on the rise at many U.S. high schools, so some schools are trying unconventional methods to help students cope. (Jan. 31)
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25 Responses to “Schools Try Dogs, Recess to Help Stressed Teens”

  1. Hey there! thanks a lot for this helpful video. By the way, I notice many people keep on´╗┐ talking about panic and anxiety remedy called Zomopanic Eraser (google it), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you tried using Zomopanic Eraser? I’ve heard many amazing things about it and my mate finally kick away his anxiety problem forever using it, but he refuses to tell me ­čÖü

  2. Yes, its nice to relax every now and then but for that teacher to say “I don’t know of any occupation that requires that much effort” seriously….. Try being an engineer or someone with a degree in the sciences… Ignorant teacher. “They’re doing work comparable to what their parents did in college” ….. I should hope so because 20 years ago everything was old material, I’m so if´╗┐ your parents barely had geometry or algebra in college. Why don’t you try linear analysis or relativity…..

  3. Lexi´╗┐ is hawt, amirite?

  4. WILLIAMJAMESGAHRESJR Reply March 11, 2013 at 3:57 pm

    I can agree with this video. A puppy could be stressful to train though but easily loved.

    However,´╗┐ did an Argus moderator masturbate to these people petting the dog?

  5. Kids do need 10 minutes recess every hour & an hour for lunch.After school sports can help too.
    Study hard but´╗┐ get out on the playground too!

  6. That’s a nice excuse for a´╗┐ detection dog.

  7. a dog helped´╗┐ me recover from serious surgery they do keep spirits high..

  8. home school your kids folks, thats´╗┐ all I have to say

  9. Why are YOU mad? I’m on a´╗┐ roll here people!

  10. Why are u mad´╗┐ bro?

  11. I’m not mad, you’re mad! Double guns mother´╗┐ fucker!

  12. u´╗┐ mad bro?

  13. Haha awwww are you trying to start an internet fight? Trying to be a tough guy! Coochie coo.
    Here, I’ll fire back at you, my IQ is´╗┐ low? More like, YOUR I.Q. is low! Zinged your fucking ass.

  14. No, I made a point.´╗┐

    Your IQ is too low to understand the difference. =)

  15. It’s all about stress based indoctrination.

    We get them on that hamster wheel and stress them out so they are always busy and not think about life in focus of´╗┐ what is really important.

  16. Change the schooling´╗┐ system…4 hours of homework?

  17. You just complained!´╗┐

  18. I said protect their schools´╗┐ not serve in wars?

  19. Somebody´╗┐ needs to see that dog XD

  20. Give me a fucking break!! What do teens have to be stressed about? Too much time to jack off?

    Try working a 10 hour job,´╗┐ then having to come home and study every night. Or better yet, try working two jobs while trying to do that.

    Today’s society is a fucking joke….all they ever do is complain complain complain.

  21. its our soldiers who did the´╗┐ rape and killing buddy.

  22. I could help Lexi release some´╗┐ stress giggidy giggidy

  23. Now why´╗┐ the hell are the students being worked so hard?!

  24. Hey, fuck you with your “raghead hadjis” comment and I for one don’t´╗┐ give a shit about your problems. You were the one who joined the military because maybe you were not college material. Whose fault is that?

  25. The problem kids are not the ones stressing themselves out over homework, applying to colleges and getting good grades. The problem kids are the ones who are not going to give a damn about their work and use drugs, having sex and get in fights. As far´╗┐ as the other kids getting stressed out, what about meditation? Also, exercise and sports reduce stress as well. Not to mention playing musical instruments or anything else which focuses the mind outside of school work.

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