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Selective Eating Disorder

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24 Responses to “Selective Eating Disorder”

  1. I have it 2

  2. I had SED and food neophobia (fear of trying new foods/dishes) from age 4 until I was in my mid-twenties and my father is a life-long selective eater.  I slowly self-treated by introducing new foods gradually, when I felt like it, in small quantities (pot luck meals are awesome for this). Mine’s also texture-triggered, and I also hate bland foods. And hey, I’m Pagan as well, but yeah, nothing to do with that or with weight control, for that matter.

  3. Isn’t it ironic how a troll is offending someone by calling them an attention whore?

  4. im just a young girl whos 11 and i have been living with this for a couple of years
    i get embarresed eating at friends houses
    and i get anxious when people tell me what we have to eat
    i hate it

  5. JoBrosluver4life10 Reply March 8, 2013 at 3:57 am

    I am self diagnosed too, been for 22 years. Its more of a texture and taste thing for me more then anything. I only eat soft, easy to chew foods. I hate really chewy foods, spicy, or really cold foods. My doctor wants me to try new foods cuz according to her I’m malnourished but she don’t understand how hard that is for me. Half the foods I do try I don’t like. It’s so difficult and I feel so alone sometimes, like no one understands what I’m going through except for me 🙁

  6. I have lived with this sort of problem for 18 years now; the only difference for me is I can’t even attempt to try new food, it just doesn’t feel physically possible. As I am getting older I am now starting to realiise what I would give to be able to eat normal food and go for meals!!

  7. i am self diagnosed also, i have eaten the same school lucy for five years with some exceptions like going out to lunch. Im over sensitive to smell taste and texture i tried a turkey sandwich with lettuce on it about a month ago and nearly puked i had to choke it down 🙁

  8. I have this too. I have had this problem for 15 years! Over the years, I have slowly expanded, but I still fit into that “10 types of food” range. I am self-diagnosed. I definitely fit the criteria for SED.

  9. My range of foods is not that small, but lots of meats and vegetables I will not eat. And I can eat lots of food but prefer to stick to certain food groups and items. French fries and pastas and lots of grains and starches are my main food groups and chicken is probably my main meat.

  10. LyricalMastermind2 Reply March 8, 2013 at 5:52 am

    Self diagnosed as well. I only eat pasta and cheese, some meats, but very few.

  11. Christina Rosario Reply March 8, 2013 at 6:50 am

    I’ve been eating this way since I was like 3. I would honestly give anything to eat like a normal person

  12. make a video. I hang out at care2 dot com. the site has so many rabid vegans there with holier than thou attitudes. anyone who is not vegan will be 400 pounds, look like they are 80 at age 20 and be suffering from 40 ailments. i look surprisingly well for someone who’d rather eat a box of mac&cheese than an apple(makes me feel barfy. i need to smother it in caramel or Cinnamon)

  13. i think I’m borderline. I don’t like when my bred gets soggy. applesauce feels like clumpy vomit so I don’t eat it.

  14. continued from previous comment: My meal options consist of things like pizza (simple: like cheese or pepperoni, light sauce) grilled cheese, fries, graham crackers and peanut butter, things like this. Bland. Stuff kids younger than 5 years old would find boring. One thing all of us that have Selective Eating Disorder have in common though. There isn’t one thing we wouldn’t give to be able to eat like any normal person and to be able to go out and order anything on the menu and eat it. One Wish.

  15. First off, I am not an expert, however I do have S.E.D. That being said and having lived with it for 22 years, you do not have it @TheQueenofSnow. You mentioned several times that you would eat one certain food group, then ex it out and go to a different one and so on and so forth, etc. Those with selective eating disorder don’t DECIDE to go on to a NEXT food group or something. They have one of a handful of different MEALS they can choose from and THAT IS IT. continued on the next message…

  16. You look very interesting; makes me wonder how your diet could affect your outward appearance . . abundance in certain foods . . extreme deficiencies in many others.

  17. Of course this could come off as offensive, but I’m sure you could be forced to eat different foods; not assuming that you’d like it, but I’ll assume that you’ve tried and been through that, considering you’ve lived with this propensity for 23 years. I can’t help but imagine that you will also develop health problems, as result of deficiencies in certain foods. Have you? Is it a mental thing? . . I’m sure it must be, because I’m still assuming you have complete basic motor functions.

  18. I guess you could ask someone to shove different kinds of food in your mouth and see how you like it . .

  19. I wish this was a more recognized disorder. I’ve had this all my life and, although it has improved some, it still makes life miserable sometimes. Being a high schooler that doesn’t eat anything normal like pizza or chocolate is really tough. A lot of times people think I’m anorexic because I have to lie and say “I’m not hungry” if there’s nothing that I can eat. If only outsiders took this disorder seriously, instead of just calling you a picky eater.

  20. I’m sorry for the late comment, but I truly understand how you feel. I’m in the same boat … and it’s not fun.

  21. Oh, well now I’m pretty sure I have this because I eat the same meal every day basically, and ever since I was little I’ve only ever had a few different foods that I would eat

  22. I was diagnosed with SED and a bit of orthorexia. I’ve had it since I was a kid. I actually don’t get hungry, I don’t eat most things people eat (I won’t start listing ’cause it’s super long) because they taste terrible to me, also, the texture of certain things affects what I eat.
    People call me a weirdo, all sorts of names and my parents are mad at me because I have an ED (which is kinda weird).
    I’m also anaemic due to this (and me being a vegetarian too).
    I’m not alone with this.

  23. You don’t have an eating disorder, you just need to stop being vapid and eat a burger.

  24. HI,
    My name is Eric and I can rembemer not liking the taste, smell, and texture of food since first grade. The problem is deep rooted, or hard wired into my brain. I gag on anything new food product I taste. Like you I eat about 5-10 foods…. for 20 years! What scares me is food is such a problem for me socially, I missed Prom and many sporting events, not to mention I starve everyday(I hate food!), I used to lie to my EX gf about it so she left me. I need help im new to this and terrified

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