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Sopranos – Tony and Richie another confrontation “House Arrest”

Tony getting a panic attack after rebuking Richie. Another classic scene between the two. Season 2 ep 11.

24 Responses to “Sopranos – Tony and Richie another confrontation “House Arrest””

  1. Sopranos; showcasing some of the coolest slang ever I think. Maybe it’s because I’m bilingual in spanish, and I live in the midwest… but I relate just by the way they are pronunciated.

  2. Right, thank you.
    I’ve heard that word used on this show in a slightly different context by Silvio. Could you also use it like saying; someone is slow; ?

  3. it means deaf tony is saying are u fucking deaf or something

  4. Manson lamps. The script is above and beyond

  5. Are you fucking stonato or what? What does that mean stonato? Does it mean stupid??

  6. oh shit, you live in Roger’s Park? LOL. good one.

  7. hopalongquesidice Reply March 7, 2013 at 12:15 am

    1:45 fat pigeon

  8. “I don’t give a shit if you’re working with Wal-Mart, knock it the fuck off!”

  9. every school in the America needs a principal like Tony soprano

  10. Yeah that’s the real reason why Tony collapsed LOL

  11. I love how tony is always telling richie to come here or having him meet with him just to yell/lecture him and just to always end with NOW GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE lol

  12. Richie dresses like Polish taxi driver

  13. Richie acted slow sometimes. Tony laid out a very clear and logical reason for why selling drugs along the garbage routes was a bad idea and Richie’s response is to stare at him blankly and say “Its a little coke. What is the big deal?” There was nothing Tony could have done to please that guy.

  14. tony is the fucking man

  15. The whole scene is just a work of art, “Manson lamps.” and an excellent choice of music to end the scene.

  16. DirtyAnchorage84 Reply March 7, 2013 at 5:08 am

    To “ride” someone is an expression that means a person is constantly monitoring and/or lecturing another person. For example, Tony constantly tells Richie not to do something. Richie does not listen and continues to do things the way he wants. Tony has to keep having conversations with him, telling him to stop doing certain things — and he has to do it so often that it’s almost as if he has to be on top of Richie all the time, “riding” Richie as if he’s a horse having to be directed.

  17. DirtyAnchorage84 Reply March 7, 2013 at 5:46 am

    He’s telling Richie that he’s constantly having to have chats like this with him and keep explaining the way things are to him. Richie is a made guy that went to prison, is out now and is way out of touch with how their organization does things nowadays.

  18. It means that he’s sick and tired of always having to yell at him about stupid shit he already talked to him about.

  19. “I fucking hate, the way you make me fucking ride you!” Damn! That was intense.

  20. “Don’t give me your Manson lamps.”

    Fucking classic!

  21. lmao manson lamps, not get the fk outta here

  22. now get the fuck outta here

  23. “Don’t give me those Manson Lamps” xD

  24. Lary A Saladin Jr Reply March 7, 2013 at 8:31 am

    The Wal Mart line is classic

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