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What Causes Anxiety and What You Can Do About It

www.stop-anxiety-panic-attack.com – Most people simply dismiss anxiety as nothing more than an emotional disorder and let it go at that. They accept it as a part of life and resign to the fact that it will never go away. Dont fall into this way of thinking. The truth is, theres way more to consider. This video will show you how you can stop letting anxiety consume YOUR life. Fight back with tactics that work and start feeling better immediately.
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36 Responses to “What Causes Anxiety and What You Can Do About It”

  1. AbortedBabysInMakeUp Reply March 6, 2013 at 10:10 pm

    Depression or Jinn Possession. There is no such thing as Depression, what it is you have a evil spirit in your head. This evil spirit mess’s around in your head. See how they call it Depression.
    look it up

  2. i have to under go  surgery – pls help me to over come phobia of taking anethesia

  3. Heres my story. Lately I just feel like I am going to die. I’m not afraid of death and I am aware it comes for everyone someday, but I feel my mortality will be ended too soon, and I hate that. I always think that I have lung cancer, heart disease, or anything. It scares me to think what would life be without me, or how people would carry on. I wish it would stop. They gave me some meds, but all it does is mask it and I can still feel the pains I think are coming from my heart. Someone help me.

  4. pAPERbABYiLLbtHEpEN Reply March 6, 2013 at 11:47 pm

    Driving in snow = panic attack!!

  5. Panic attacks and anxiety are problems that are caused by your own fear. Whenever you worry about having the next attack don’t you feel on edge? It is this feeling which provokes one to happen. You must conquer your fear and fight the attack. Only then can you reprogram your anxiety back to normal. If you guys want to learn more I found this information on panicgone.info

  6. my causes my anxiety is when driveing long distance from home like 15 miles compare two 4 miles or 7 and on roads i am happy on but others might not agree but when i drive far away i get all worked up and afaird of an attack and alone by my self its so bad i feel like passing out thats what level it get too any advice i know breathing helps to clam down but when worked up its hard to do it any other ideas that i dont know about pls tell me where to look becuse i dont know

  7. @amndamrph Over the last 5 years I’ve begun to have increasingly severe anxiety that I am going to faint. In shops on planes and most recently whenever I got in the car. Here’s the natural technique to stop Panic Attacts and End general Anxiety in Minutes!
    Go here => bit.ly/VNHKJc?=stpanxiety

  8. Hey there! thanks a lot for this useful video. By the way, I hear many people keep on talking about panic and anxiety natural treatment known as Zomopanic Eraser (do a search on google), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you tried using Zomopanic Eraser? I have heard some extraordinary things about it and my cooworker finally kick away his panic attacks forever using it, but he refuses to tell me 🙁

  9. Hey, have you heard of KickAnxietyByFriday? (Google it). If you are still having trouble with bad panic attacks or general anxiety you should go check out KickAnxietyByFriday (Just google it or maybe add .com to the end?), as they can probably help you get rid of your anxiety-panic-specific fear problems fast, as they helped me.

  10. collettebridgesyncs Reply March 7, 2013 at 3:16 am

    I hate this anxiety

  11. collettebridgesyncs Reply March 7, 2013 at 3:44 am

    I wish the amygdala would just be permanently pure positive thoughts so there will be no anxiety.

  12. i wish there was a surgery to remove part of the amigdyla

  13. The3nlightened0ne Reply March 7, 2013 at 5:14 am

    you need the amygdala to get laid, bro.

  14. I want to kill you now -.-

  15. Anxiety makes me want to kill people -.-

  16. I don’t exactly know what you mean. If you mean that you should brave out a panic attack, then good for you. If this method though does not work for you other people then check out this resource I found: getridofpanicattack(dot)com. They have a lot of techniques you can try in case one or two do not work.

  17. yes I do. I used to feel that I m losing my memory day by day. Experienced noticeable short term memory loss,I still do when i am very much stressed up.And this feeling of forgetting things, events, even the spoken words, widin few seconds really started to frighten me. Now the doctor has diagnosed me wid anxiety neurosis disorder. There were some other symptopms too that led doctor know that i am an anxiety nueortic patient.

  18. Also take picamilon it fcking works it will fcking strangle your anxiety like a lil bitch

  19. I know how to stop anxiety stop fcking taking medication, actually medication causes anxiety cause I use to have it than I went off shatterah and now I’m fcking free as a bird

  20. Damn you amygdala! You SSSSUUUCCCKKK!!!

  21. Do you recommend yanking the amygdala out with a pair of scirrors?

  22. If you suffer from anxiety and panic attacks then you should check out crinc anxiety (google “crinc anxiety” for info) It might help you like it did me.

  23. @wackojack… yes I do nice to kno im not the only one

  24. does anyone have like memory loss or brain fog from anxiety?

  25. he has an accent you know

  26. Great video …..

  27. And yes, floating helps A LOT! You just gotta practice, practice, practice! I have days I fail, but I keep trying.

  28. It’s because of Geert and Dr. Claire Weekes that I have hope for recovery. I’ve had anxiety and panic attacks for years now and only Geert and Dr. Weekes make me feel good. I have Dr. Weekes book, Hope and Help for your Nerves, her CDs, and Geert’s book in my help for recovery.

  29. Its true, claire weeks calls it floating and lucinda bassette as well, I wrote this before you said floating, LOL, float/accept, I would like ur cds since you know what your talking about, and I love your title, I love panic attacks, because only when you do can one truly recover, your just not afraid of them/you don’t care, so you float

  30. candoanything654 Reply March 7, 2013 at 4:38 pm

    your ignorant

  31. i dont even get panic attacks and i feel like if i did then this guy would help me out a lot just by his explainations

  32. u r so right

  33. so are you

  34. youre an idiot

  35. He sounds like a jock, he doesn’t have a clue, well is a business isn’t. Good acting! the way is explaining gives me panic attacks

  36. fake accent

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